Boardnamics MBS Matrix II Motor Mounts

What up fellas. I now offer mounts for the MBS Matrix II trucks. These were a pretty easy design considering its just a beefed up version of my Caliber II mounts.

Overbuilt? Maaaybe…but that’s AWESOME. These things are burly and ready for anything you throw at em. These stay together with the same two piece clamp we’re familiar with seeing. 2 M8 bolts provide an insane amount of clamping pressure. The mount has two crossbar holes, crossbars not included. Mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and chamfered on both sides for smoothness.

Excuse my horribly dark pictures. Just temporary

Arm Thickness: 5/16" 8mm
Clamp Thickness: 1/2" 12.6mm
Weight: 280g
Center Distance: 100mm ±10mm
Bolt Circle: 44mm for 63mm motors

What’s Included:

Aluminum Pieces:
2x Arm for 63mm motors
4x Clamp Bracket

x8 M5 x 25mm 12.9 SHCS
x8 M5 A2 SS Nylon Locknut
x4 M8 x 45mm 12.9 SHCS
x4 M8 A2 SS Nylon Locknut
x8 M4 x 10mm 12.9 SHCS

Because the Matrix II cross section is round overall, I am convinced with modification, these could work on several other mountainboard trucks. Not only that, but the clamp is so strong that it doesn’t need a perfect surface to mate to. It just grips the hell out of whatever it is touching. Testing on different trucks will be verified soon.

Price is $80 a set. A set is two full motor mount kits
Available Here
Ships from California same business day!


Your mounts always come without finish?
Nothing bad with raw style but on the pictures you still see the imprint of the aluminum.

Just to get it right, one set is everything for one motor only?

Could you elaborate which for example?

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I could get them anodized locally like I did the Caliber ones but it would come at an additional cost. I could do type III hard anodize for $90 a set.

One set is two mounts for 2 motors. I’ll update the pics so it’s more clear.

Any truck with a similar size cross section. I don’t want to promise anything I haven’t tested yet, so for now it is Matrix II compatible only. My point is the clamp is so round, it is practically universal unlike caliber II that is clearly a keyed arch.

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The trampa truck is not round at all.
Can’t imagine your clamp will hold the motor in place. That might work with a street board and belts but not with a mtb and chains.

No offense, but the mounts look really cheap if they just cut like this out of that material. I have no idea about cnc stuff, maybe it’s possible to just get a better base material which already looks good or do a small polish to remove the letters and scratches?

Only one way to find out. I’ll test that as soon as I can

I cut it from extrusion hense the poor finish at the top. Solution is just to anodize them as that covers all the impurities

Do you ride a mtb with chains to figure it out the right way? I mean they will hold up for a while for sure. Maybe even work with belts as belts rather slip, but chains put a lot of force to the mounts.

I see that with anodizing, but the extra cost compared with the extra cost a 2min polish would be is just a thought.


I can source various trucks from local riders. I’ll be sure to try chain on different trucks too. As far as the Matrix II is concerned, completely solid on chain or belt.

I can keep the price the same so long as its regular type II black anodize instead of type III which is significantly more expensive, often used on firearms

Nice. Now i just need bearings so i can use the Torqueboard 110mm wheels on my mbs Matrix trucks


I’ve been wondering this myself…how do you test your designs? How many miles go on a set before you give them the okay? How much abuse do you put them through?

I’m pretty sure from what I’ve learned is that he doesn’t ride. Hoping I’m wrong though.

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Each bearing is 13$ …


He doesnt, He did for a while but got hit.


Most of us that ride have been hit multiple times over the years.


Yeah, it was the 2nd time I heard and it just discouraged him. @Boardnamics correct me if im wrong?

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I wasen’t just discouraged. Wish I didn’t have to play this card but my father is very ill, and me having to get 2 surgeries and stuff makes a bad situation even worse for my mom. I cannot take these kinds of risks.

Two types of people, riders and builders. I am a builder.



$102.16 Just for the Bearings
$114.62 for Shipping

If you find 22x12x6mm bearing please send be a link. I have liked everywhere. I found some for 12 bucks each, that is it.

Problem is that builders that don’t ride don’t know. Builders that ride do know. You know?


Don’t worry, he has a local guy who tests out everything


That’s always a good thing.

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