Boardnamics M1-AT Drive | Helical Steel MTB/AT Gear Drive

What tires do you have can I see a picture of the setup with the tires?

Damn that’s crazy

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I forgot to post back here – but I figured it out, at least I think. Swapped out my motor pinion on the loud side for a spare I had, and the gnarly noise is gone.

Still hearing some small noises, I think it’s coming from the opposite side. These are new-to-me drives and came with a bunch of stuff, I must have installed a (very) used set of pinion gears I had without realizing. The one I swapped in had way better looking teeth.

I’ve got the SNR anniversary ride this weekend so I’m probably going to just ride this as-is for now, will swap the other pinion next time we have a rainy few days.

That was one of the most frustrating things I’ve dealt with… didn’t want to have to redo the pinions, so I tried literally everything else before I finally whipped out the torch. :roll_eyes:

Oh, just swapped to Kendas. Kinda wish I’d gone CST instead based on what I’ve been hearing.


Tires wear, just carve hard and you’ll need a new set in no time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

For me I had a soft sound but it was the rubber strands sticking off the tires hitting the gear drive lol.


Nicely done! Im planning on making that ride too. The weather is getting really nice. I think that will put 3 tomieboi decks with m1-at drives at the ride. Good times

Make dem kiss :kissing_heart:


Hi friend, I want to buy your gear driver for my lacroix Lsss, I currently use an Xcell hub. Does your gear driver have an adapter so I can continue using this hub?

The wheel plate adapter fits anything with mbs pattern which is what xcell hubs use. You’ll just need to get the bolts for the hubs to fit thru the pass thru on the adapters.

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The xcell hubs bolt from the back into a threaded hole on the front side of the hub - cant use them as normal, you need to do a janky mod either using a threaded rod with a nut or a double ended bolt.

They do, but it takes a bit of work because as mentioned, the XCell hubs screw in from behind.

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If there’s a will there’s a way. I’ve had to do lame stuff to adapt wheels to different gear drives in general

ah, dern. I’m headed for this problem. :smiley:

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When you say they do who are you referring to?

Does anyone have this drive for trampa hangers?

I have had a hard time getting one side of the clamp sleeve to retain its squareness on the hanger. It was never a snug fit, i have been using vynl shims around the hanger and sliding the clamp back on, its lasts maybe 3 hard rides and becomes a bit wobbly again, anyone have a non intrusive suggestion to fix the clamp wobble?

make sure you’re cranking your axle nut

mine always had a bit of wobble, never paid it any mind and it didnt really seem to get worse even after 2k miles

Mine on the matrix IIs had quite a bit of wobble, and it just kept getting worse. In the end I just jbwelded the clamp onto the hanger

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It gets to a point. Might try some kid of channel or key.

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Loctite 638 or jb weld would do the trick

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Does anybody (@Boardnamics ) see what I see? The hangar isn‘t straight…think it comes from the baseplate (boardnamics adjustable baseplate) but i can‘t tell exactly what it is. I didn‘t crashed, i ride goofy and it suddenly appeared.
Any suggestions anybody?


I believe you need to re position the baseplate by losening the hardware and re tightening it, unless the bolts bent.

Actually having the same exact issue. I thought I bent the kingpin in my Luna baseplate so I swapped it for a BN adjustable, but the crookedness is still present…

Anyone have ideas? I’ve reseated the baseplate cause it’s a whole different one.

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