Boardnamics M1-AT Drive | Helical Steel MTB/AT Gear Drive


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Well yes, but isn’t the Evo designed for specific angles? I’ll certainly try some other angles but I was under the impression that the Evo was designed for stability at speed with specific angles in mind…

Did the designers have a set of angles in mind when they designed the deck? I don’t know. Maybe? Most likely they were just designing their board around the most common/popular trucks available at the time.

I dont think that matters though. The Evo is a deck which has a built in angle adjustment. Whatever angle adjustment you want to add on top of that is totally up to you and how you want your board to ride.

Most trucks/baseplates are purchased as a pair of the same angle.

I would assume that the evo was designed merely as an easy way to split such pairs.

And to win races.


@havenever, please just read this thread. It will answer all your questions.


Evo is wedge 10 degrees positive up front and -10 degrees in the back. Older models are 15 degrees.

So with a 40 degree baseplate up front your at 50 and a 30 in the back your at 20.

If your on fixed plates I’d move to adjustable then start playing around there. Then further play around with bushings. Shapes duros and forumulas. You may like your current setup now, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other shapes , forumulas or duros to get to where you want to be. That’s how speed is achieved in motor spots.

Edit: we may want to break away from this thread since it’s not entirely on topic to BN products and more a suggestions for your current setup.

Maybe build up your build log so we can comment there.


Do people typically see an increase in range when they switch from belt drive to gear drive?

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It depends on how well your gear drive is set up versus how well your belt drive is set up. I found that it did


gears have a bit less rolling resistance so I don’t see why not


Difference is tiny. I haven’t noticed any in real world.


beltdrive put pressure on the bearing and shaft , and sometime it bend the shaft too


Hey @Boardnamics, I only have a few rides under my belt but I absolutely love the gear drive so far!

Unfortunately, I think I have the old wheel adapter design and they are already showing concerning wear. (Perhaps, user error?) Is there any way I can get access to the new updated part?


yeah that’s the old design, mine looked the exact same

no user error, just order the new adapters

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Could be some element of user error as mine lasted 500 miles of hard riding

But yes, old design, the new ones are steel and should last much longer

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i just put some sticky red grease on mine to prevent a litle bit of wear , not so happy to see some peoples begin already have wear problem , i hope it can last fews thousand miles or i will go back to my chain drive

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wheel adapter is a 5 min fix, the star plate is historically problematic


i have the new model


have ppl posted about their updated plates wearing? AFAIK the new plates don’t have that issue


It’s a bit of a wear part with this design

Poast has worn his new ones a bit

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time will tell , but these treaded bolt act like a saw