Board up folding skateboard electric conversion builds

I wanted to share my last creation- Electric BoardUp folding skateboard
The boardup is Kickstarter success the I got 2 years ago used from one of the people who invested.
when I moved to the states 2 years ago, commuting was big issue for me so I brought it with me and converted it to electric for the first time. lately I finished my second conversion so I’m sharing now :slight_smile:

First Board:
My first board served me 2 years and functioned amazing here in NYC. it had single 5065 motor, Flipsky 4.20 esc and Molicel P42A 10S1P battery. very light setup that you can carry anywhere.

Here are some pictures from the build:

Few things that I liked and didn’t:

  • Range was 16km, speed around 28km/h that considered good enough for folding commuter
  • It could carry me uphill (85kg) but without much power
  • Those wheels are huge disaster, chopped them after 2 rides on corners.
  • 80mm wheels getting stuck perfect on Brooklyn bridge draining, dont ask me how I know :slight_smile:
  • I started with MJF printed case that brake easily from every bump. switched to Kydex vacuum forming.
  • If I had to build it again I would put 2X5045 motors instead.
  • This setup with good gasket lasted 2 years on rain, snow, salt and any other abuse. I think that generly it was really good board.

Second Board:
After those 2 years I sold it and missed it too much so I had to get new one shortly…
I ordered the new board from and this time I wanted something little stronger since the weight didn’t play role like it use to.
I took my almost new busting sportster V1 that I had and sold the deck. I had full setup of ,bms,esc, remote and hub motors (really great setup for my opinion)
Bustin told me that the V1 setup was the strongest but they changed the ESB since it killed their batteries. good for me since I have good cells.

The assembly wasn’t so complicated but required few adjustments:

  1. The rear truck had to move inside to support 90mm wheels on folding (had to punch the grip but used exiting holes.
  2. Had to CNC the front Paris truck base to work with the folding mechanism (but I could do it also manualy)


next stage was the setup encloser:
I had option to stack battery and ESC on the back, on both boards I preferred to go with bigger ground clearance as esc on the back and battery on the front.

made design for vacuum forming and cnc the molds, it was fast process after with the kydex and trimming.
the battery chosen now was Molicel P28A 10s2P that gives 5.8A capacity compared to the 4.2A that I use to have.

From there inserts, padding the battery pack and ride…


Absolutely a banger of a build!


I’ve wanted a folding esk8 for ages! This is so cool! :smiley:


So cute haha nice build

This is the ultimate city commuter. Really dope build bro :clap:

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Maybe Boardup builds should be their own tag at this point :sweat_smile:

Do it!

Feel free to ask if you need help :slight_smile:

Thanks you all :grinning:

if anyone interested, I have extra kit of the first board parts that include:

  • enclosures
  • Brand new BMS
  • SLS 21700 frames

all that for 50$ (Still Available )

also the second board is for sell- 450$ (SOLD)
Folding electric skateboard | eBay