Board isn’t charging

I recently built my own board, and have been riding it for awhile with no issues, but now all of a sudden it not charging. The light just stays green. I thought it could have been my cheap 2a charger so I replaced it but that wasn’t it. I’ve been told that I need to check the voltage through the charge port but i don’t know how to and i don’t want to damage it. Appreciate any help


do you have a dmm?

also, this is really a question for the newb thread. but thats ok
There hasnt been law or order here in some time…


what battery?

you probably broke off or burnt out some part of your charging circuit or have a dead battery cell.

as my lampy friend stated Noob question thread! 2020_Summer this is for all your questioning

oh I see you found it already


the idea is to measure the voltage across the pins on the charge port. Set the DMM to voltage, make sure youre using the voltage plugs on the Dmm, and then touch one probe to either of the charge port pins. This works unless you have a barrel plug. those are less nice.

If you can open it, be very careful when pulling the enclosure, there is a half decent chance there is a loose wire inside


yes i do have one

its a 10s2p that skyart built

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yea i its a barrel plug which is why im not sure what to do

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you can put one probe on the inside, one on the outside.
Its the safer option actually sorry. sarcasm

wait im an idiot
its the male end oon the enclosure isnt it?
yeah either be super careful, or just do what the frogbird looking guy said and cut up a barrel plug (charger side type) with an attached lead. strip the wires a bit, plug it into the board and then measure off the exposed leads. just give yourself plenty of isolated wire so you dont short the exposed leads

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yea male end

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okay i have my old charger so i can use that

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yup thats the quick way. Chances are it will read 0v and youll need to open her up and find the dangle.

nice thing is that way even if you short the leads, theylll just melt and the battery doesnt discharge itself to death. the wire acts as one big fuse

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is 0v what its supposed to read?

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I bet the port or wires are broken inside.

It might be quite obvious

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ok, yea ill open it up later tonight and see what i can find. thanks

no it should read a few volts. probably has BMS so something like 10 to 20 v

its either 0 or something else
0 means theres a disconnect

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If it has a BMS then the bms is probably cutting off charging ability due to a bad cell block. One of the cell groups is probably lower than the rest.

You are going to want to check pack voltage, then check the voltage on your balance connectors. Or send it back to your builder.


oh ok

This totally depends on what bms is in there if it’s a crapy cheep one it may show some thing genraly better quality ones will isolate the charg port to reduce there leakage. But this test won’t really give you any answers

Once you opened it
You want to check

Any thing lose or broken
Pack voltage
Cell voltage

If you unsure of how to do any take some pic then we can work out and advise you what you have and the best way to go about it. the issues is there 100’s of components options that could be in there with 1000’s of combinations with different built techneeks and quality this makes 10,000’s of different ways of going about finding the issue.