BMS Thread - Smart BMS / Which do you use?

Thanks chief, the overkill solar app is exactly what I was looking for.

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some mighty big smd resistors you got there. :slight_smile: :heart:

cool project!. what are the dimensions? how small can it get?

did you look into vesc bms protocols at all so that vesc can get warned by the bms of issues?
also i’m not sure if they are different but metr/minnie voyage systems had integrations with bms as well.

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It’s 8x4.5cm but i could definitely make it way smaller with better routing and placing components on both sides. I didn’t plan on doing any communication with my vesc but UART pins are broken out so i could experiment with that later. I’m mainly just interested in reading cell voltages, charge current. and customizing the protection settings.

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totally fair. :slight_smile:

There’s a paid App named “Smart BMS Unity” on playstore works much faster than the Chinese Apps.

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rip, i blew up the esp32, buck converter and bms AFE IC

Hi all,
slightly off-topic, but cannot start a new topic (yet).

if I plug it into the charger and switch the board on, the charging display comes up for a second, flickers, and then switches off. The battery, I think does not receive any charging. If I unplug the battery and connect the charger the board actually comes to life, and can use it with a remote. The charging port inside the board also starts to provide the 42V needed for charging. Tried another charger, same happened.

My most important question is whether the BMS can be the sole issue or it’s probably the battery. As can be seen in the video, my battery (I think) is a bit unique in the sense that the BMS is outside of the pack. If I don’t connect the BMS cable, I don’t think the battery will even charge (with a full blast of uneven/unbalanced power).

Did anyone experience something similar? All comments are welcome:)

Is there any cheap BMS (maybe something with an app connectivity) solution that I can plug into the battery and see some useful info?

I don’t even know what my battery is, I suppose it’s a flattened 10s3p or 10s4p (36V).