Bluetooth module clarification

I’m currently setting up my campus board for college and because there will be snow in the winter I wanted to use a bluetooth module that I bought from @BuildKitBoards a while ago instead of a voltage meter.

Got everything powered up and opened both my xmatic app and eSkate VESC app, but the it wouldn’t work. Here’s what I get:

I recently updated the firmware on both of my VESCXs and of course after doing that I found this thread, where @Trampa said they are no longer compatible with certain modules. I’m assuming that’s why my module has stopped working all of a sudden.

So, just to clarify, do I need to get metr pro in order to have readings go to my phone? Or is there a way around this. Thanks.

I believe BKB bluetooth modules are HM-10, which won’t work with the official vesc versions.

You could use ackmaniac software, downgrade to an older version of vesc-tool, or get a NRF module (i.e flipsky $10 & basic telemetry & works with android vesc tool or metr pro $$ and wayyy cooler).


I use the Flipsky ones with the new vesc tool. Works with Android. Make sure the one you get matches your hardware

I use Xmatic with 3.58 firmware and there are no issues

We’re you sure to reset the baud to 9600?

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@anorak234 I just got a BKB module running with a MayTech 4.12 running the most recent firmware from the VESC Tool, it was not responding to the Xmatic app at first but it works now

PM me an address. I have a couple if FlipSky NRF modules, I’ll send you one.



I just uploaded:
ESC Firmware Version 3.103, Hardware: 60, UUID: 4D 00 51 00 19 50 48 57 4B 34 38 20
To my recently purchased Maytech VESC6s
Everything went easy-peasy thanks @mmaner

Then installed an HM-10 bluetooth module bought from @BKB

5v, ground, Rx and Tx all hooked up, the module powers!

PPM and UART along with baud rate 9600 uploaded to ESC 0

I go to the Ackamaniac Mobile app, I can connect to the module HMsoft I believe
No telemetry comes thru, everything is zeros, and I get a message “ESC not connected”

anyone have any ideas or help?

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Same damn issue for me.

Bkb sends you to this link.