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Blown esc help.

Hi, I’ve just had an esc blow on and evolve gt board.
Took it apart and found it smells of burnt electric. A couple of the capacitors had become desoldered. I’ve soldered the back on and still no power. Would fryed capacitors cause no power at all?
I already know how shit the evolve stuff is and my plan is to replace it with a vesc. However if I can getting it up and running again for now then I’d like to.
Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks Jamie

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Maybe you will end the longest sell thread on this forum :joy:



a few photos would help to know what happened

Also, add ur location to ur profile so others will be able to help u even more

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Haha, not one for me thanks.

Thanks, I’m not sure that photos are going to help as there doesn’t seem to be any visable signs of damage.


Fair enough, I did resolder the caps. But yes other than that no signs of damage.

If the caps desoldered themselves, you most likely have a short on the battery input area or perhaps a blown trace. If there’s any damage to the actual printed circuit board, the esc is too dangerous to use and that’s how it sounds it is. Time to look into VESC + BMS swap, probably cheaper than replacing the proprietary evolve esc and bms with another.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll have another look at all the traces just out of curiosity. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up putting a vesc in. What do you think might have caused the short?

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Common things being common, probably vibrations causing an SMD to break away from the PCB causing a short or an abrasive slowly sloughing away all of the insulation on the battery lines. Capacitors de-soldering themselves is a first personally.

Makes sense, I’m not 100% sure whether they had desoldered or broken away. I have re attached them now so no way to check now. I’ll have another look and see if I can find anything else.

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I had another look and still can’t see anything. I’ve ordered a unity to swap it for. I’d still be interested to know what might have happened. I’ll try to upload some pics.

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Don’t forget you also need a BMS and remote if you are switching from evolve electronics.

Yes thanks, it’s a 30q battery so I’ll probably sell the battery with the bms installed and build a new one anyway. Might aswell go to 12s now.

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Any recommendations on a new BMS & ESC / VESC to re-use existing Evolve Bambo GT battery?

I’m sick and tired of having to fix the r2 remote, getting off the Evolve ESC / remote.

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I used a unity/xenith and a Bluetooth 10s bms on mine.
This one in particular.

If the GT you are upgrading still has those pouch cells, you will likley want to upgrade to a 18650 pack.