bits for sale uk

so got a couple bits which i dont need anymore so will let them go
dont really know prices on them so offer me something

got a ton of other bits too so if your after something else just pm me and i will tell you what i have


troy lee designs d2 helmet with goggles and a bunch of spare bits im a size medium-large and fits nice (£80) (its an awesome helmet super light and mips protected)

spintend horn wired up ridiculously loud (£5)



can ship anywhere if you pay
pm with offers and thanks a lot

more coming soon


Possibly interested in the charger. What’s shipping to germany?

prob 5-10£ and no tax

edit: 7.50 untracked and 11 tracked

Does the heatsink fit the Unity? If so, I will take it.

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@sk8l8r got dibs if he backs out you can take and i dunno if it fits a unity

If it’s a dual focbox heatsink, then no.


yep its that one

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I’ll take the uni 1 if its actually on sale, and the LTT BMS (Where is the wire harness? would take both if you had it D:)

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wire harness got lost somewhere and i have 2 uni 1 remotes which i dont use

the wire harrness can be bought from ebay though if you want

I take 2nd place for the heatsink if possible !

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@sk8l8r is taking

looks like i set my price to low

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It doesn’t fit the unity so you guys go ahead.


Is that charger still available? If so, I would take it.

Thanks @b264 for pointing this out.


yep available
pm and you can take

shipping is prob £7-10

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You’ve not shipped to Serbia before have you?


nope i assumed since its in europe

will it be way more then that?

royal mail giving me £7 untracked and £11 tracked) he covered the cost for tracked so will do that

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updated and prices lowered