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Bioboards Plutonium 2 is here!

After the success of first generation of Plutonium the update is now here! Plutonium 2:

We updated it with new geardrives, new bigger battery, green titanium screws as standard, updated design of enclosure and deck and a lot more features.

First the deck we wanted to improve the look and for the most extreme turns on v1 you could get geardrive to touch the deck. So slightly different shape on the rear and front.

We wanted a more durable motor that also runs with lower temperatures so we made a fully battle hardened motor with open design with mesh protection you can read more about here if you are interested in:

For assembly and service we spend a lot of time on connecting the motors so we made this easy way to disconnect or connect a motor, davega display and rear brake light:


We are now using BioX vesc we made together with spintend to support higher A because we needed more A support for the 2wd board. You can read more about it here:

The new geardrive have steel gears for a lifelong durability and to not fail even under the most extreme speeds. The new hanger is also 300mm wide and have 10mm shaft:

My favourite new feature is that its now easy to swap between Street and AT wheels! No need to buy a new powertrain!
For AT version you can see that we also now use the new rims @moon makes.

2 things we got in feedback from first gen was that they wanted slightly more range and more ground clearance so we made the new enclosure 1,5 cm less thick and increased the battery size from 12s6p 40T to 12s8p p42a. So no pcb battery because of no components for the bms we used and we needed a thinner battery for the thinner enclosure.

The MBS T3 tyres we used is now changed to Kenda 909 for less vibration on high speed.

We updated the metr module from UART to CAN or CAN + GPS + SD also.
And ofc we are still using the @janpom Davega display.


Oh wow! Strange; looking at the pictures, I would definitely remove the risers for a lower ride if I owned one. I guess it’s an easy thing people can do themselves.

I was about to shout about the conversion kits on your site costing a lot, but I see that they include hubs and wheels, so makes sense. Not bad! What are the gear ratios for each setup?

Do you have a video of how they sound? Do the drives use angular contact bearings to support the side-loads of helical gears? Or no?


Whats the difference between your BioX source code, and the standard spintend source code?

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Its the same firmware


Between 1:2.2 and 1:3 depending on version.
Yes I have, could share on Monday.

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Good thing to see you’re keeping up with development Markus, even during these pressing times of IC shortage.

Hats off :slight_smile: hope you sell alot of boards!


Ditto. They serve a purpose routing cables but I’d be dropping that badboy. Unless people are buying these for off-road purposes (which would surprise me. There’s more suitable boards for that), that ride height seems excessive.

What’s the score with your drivetrain now? Is 3DS making them to your specifications or are they being designed and manufactured by another party(s)?

I love the attention to detail, as always. I’d love to have a crack on one! Good luck with it all!


3ds is no longer making them. But it was not because any problems with 3ds. The precision and quality of the 3ds geardrive was the best of all we tested. It was more related to that we needed faster delivery.



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Do you have any photos of that connector panel? The render looks very interesting but it’s hard to tell what’s used there


Does this mean this all the gears are steel, even the wheel gears?



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:100: super awesome


What gear drives are these now? Looks interesting.

They are specially made for Plutonium. Not for sale as a part.


Looks like moon drives, but maybe not.

The new enclosure looks much better now!


Sound 4wd :


Do you have dimensions of that sensor plug of the 65100 motor? Might be getting a couple and want to see if the plug will be small enough to fit on the face of the enclosure i’m gonna make.

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@mackann I’d also like to know how the thrust forces in this gear box are being absorbed if you get a chance.

Gears sound great btw! What mod are they?

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