Bhangra into a Esk8?

I’ve been curious if it is a good/fun idea to turn a dancing board (specifically the Loaded Bhangra into a esk8?

Is this worth exploring? Is it a stupid idea for whatever reason? Why hasn’t anyone done this already? And if they have please share.

I mainly just think it would be a fun cruising board. Obviously going 50km/h wouldn’t be ideal with bounces but just to cruise around at a fun moderate pace seems like it would be a good time. Thoughts?

Not the same but



My guess is the flex is the biggest killer for most enclosures and batteries. Do it for science!


lol okay so it is possible. :smiley: Nice!

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Science is always a good reason to try something new. I may have to give into the temptation. My only worry is that i’ll mess up the board and it won’t be as good a ride as expected then I’d be wasting all that money for a over sized paperweight, lol But I am really contemplating it.


I threw my old meepo kit onto a Tarab. Boaty as all hell but not bad lol


Fuck my titties, loaded really know how to market. Everything they do is top tier.


lol is it bouncy? hard to turn?

Pretty bouncy but it’s fun. Just a bit too long imo


I tried, but the flex on those types of boards is way too much for esk8. I aborted.


oh dang. Did you get the hardest flex for your weight? I was hoping to get the stiffest option and go from there but if it’s as flexible as you suggest maybe I’ll bail on the idea.

It wasn’t a Bhangra but the long dance decks are too flexible unless you want to use an enclosure and battery specially made for lots of flex. It adds a lot of complications. Or, use an enclosure for battery and one for ESC and make each one stiff and not connected together.

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This is an older topic but loaded released the bhangra v2 with a <1 flex option:

The difference in stiffness between the two flex options is significantly higher than our usual ratios, hence the designation “Flex <1”. Flex <1 is ideal for both heavier riders and aggressive freestyle tricksters of any stature seeking considerably higher stiffness, stability, and resilience. Flex 2 is a balanced yet damp flex appropriate for a wide range of riders or those looking for a more playful and responsive board.

Is the <1 variant better for esk8?

I am new to DIY and want to build my first kit with a revel drive. Why is Flex2 bad? Isn’t it what boosted used as well for their vanguard? (Though yes, the battery is very bulky and even in reviews I was worried that it will get knocked on the ground)

Definitely easier to find an enclosure for.

But if you really want that bouncyness, you could go with the flex 2 just add a small 10s2p battery on either inner end and I think that should still work out. You might have to outward mount the motors or use hubs.

I’m looking specifically at the revelkit ( that I was hoping to use with it

I’m curious how bad banging ends up being with it for Loaded Flex2/Flex1 decks (on longer decks). Coming from boosted, I prefer flexy in general. Also not sure how unflexy the <1 ends up actually being

Also how are dancer decks like the bhangra for esk8 in general? 123cm is a good bit longer than my current boosted with vanguard

I think it should work. You might occasionally bang the front of the battery though, as it seems quite fat and long for how small it is.
If you are not anxious about it, just do it and let us know how it rides!

The <1 Flex looks real stiff to me.

BTW my favorite push board is the Tan Tien Flex 2

Have build finish ?

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I’ve been tempted a lot to do that when I stoped using my timber deck as a daily driver, then I decided it would be a shame to ruin this sick grafics by having an enclosure bolted to it,
so now it seats on my wall ^^

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@b264 is right, the flex is the most difficult thing to overcome. You need to get creative. Check out my build thread if you want to see a solution that works. You’ll want a segmented enclosure that allows for flex. Ownboard sells a cheap one that might work.


OMG I have the same problem with my Rayne longboard. I wanted to convert it to an electric longboard, but I don’t want to cover the sweet design and I also don’t like having the top mount battery packs that sit on the decks so I just put it up on the wall. Some designs are too nice to cover.

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