Best wire type?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what the best type of wire was for esk8. For a loop key, it looks like 12AWG solid copper or braided aluminum will work best. For everything else, what should I get?

Silicone sheathed multi strand pure copper wire (awg ranges from 6 (super high discharge lipos) to 22 (balance wires)) and tinned braided pure copper tubing/flat braid (1" to 1/4")

Aluminum and steel are bad


So 10AWG multi streams pure copper wire is good for me? (80a discharge)

Yeah 10awg should be fine


For a loop key I typically e 10/12g for the wire connected to the battery and 10g solid copper for the key side. With the solid copper just bend it into a U shape and solder in place, easy with a pair of needle nose.


silicone-insulated high-strand-count copper wire

except on the loopkey as mentioned

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More than enough


Ohhh ok, so I should use solid 10g copper wire for the loop key and 10g multi stranded wire for the rest of the board

You can use whatever you want for the key. You can use a solid gold wedding band if you really want to :crazy_face:

I use braided copper usually, but you need to be good at soldering. Solid copper wire is much, much, much easier to work with.

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Got it! Thanks

This is one option if you want to make it as small as possible. Three pieces of 1mm solid copper wire.


Im going to 3d print the enclosure for the met anyway, thanks though!

For stuff that’s not moving I prefer to use raychem 44, it’s less flexible but has much thinner insulation and equal if not better abrasion resistance in my opinion, it’s also multi-strand

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I did something similar, I just used solid copper 12 awg wire in mine

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