Best way to make a reverse function?

Hi there.
I want to create my receiver that is capable to control vesc like «Throttle no reverse with brakes» but somehow able to switch the direction of the board. Like you have to do this in the car: stop, switch to R and push the throttle to go backward. Not the way it works in current smart reverse with brakes. I want exactly the switch.
And my question is, what is the best way to do it?

  • PPM throttle no rev. with brakes + UART to switch direction of the motor?
  • Two ADC channels: one for both going forward and backward, another for brakes?
  • No PPM/ADC, communication fully relies on the UART?
  • Something else?

Buy a flipsky vx1 and use uart?

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I create custom receivers for my boards. My recent uses PPM only:


This could also be a good way to make a board not only switch between forward and reverse, but also maybe repurpose it to switch between balance and normal mode? Or to turn lights on and off… endless uses…

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Whatever you do, dont let it reverse in a single click of a button, build a more complicated procedure to engage it. It is a deathtrap if easily engaged


Obviously, yes. I know it.
My idea is to make it require full stop


That’s obvious too. This RX 5.1 at the photo capable of controlling rear and front lights, under glow, has multiple modes, has odo, trip and other loggers, have sd card slot to save them, and so on and on.

My question is, what is the best way to communicate with VESC except for PPM only (because smart reverse is not exactly what i want)

As i know, VX1 from FS uses uart only, but I dont want throttle to be relied on to the complex communication protocol. ADC and PPM feel much safer to me.

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Hoyt does it with a reverse switch on the Puck remote.

even a full stop is dangerous. I have experienced this with my board that requires a full stop before it engages, and took a major tumble. The sequence that followed this disaster -

  1. I tend to manually kick to push off, which I did for this scenario.
  2. accidentally hit the reverse button earlier before the push off,
  3. engaged the throttle while in forward motion and faceplanted in front of everyone on a group ride blood and guts.
  4. Not cool.

Full brake + full stop + Button hold for 2 seconds + Message on the display + Flashing light on the remote + Truck beeping reverse signal is still not the problem for me.

I dont really know what is the best protocol for this! That is the problem:


a combo like full stop + full brake + button double tap or hold 2secs is fool-proof. My remote has an arrow pointing the reverse direction to indicate it’s in reverse, my other one is just an LED indicator.

unless you intend to ride FWD (which I would be keen to try), the reverse sound and flashing light is not necessary.

I think the way Flipsky does it is more than enough. Press a (recessed) button while holding full brake, remote vibrates, now in reverse.


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I don’t know which communication protocol the Nyko Kama uses to interface with the VESC, maybe even a custom protocol, but it uses a button to change the direction of rotation when at full stop in the VESC so if you only had a hall sensor that went in one direction you could have a throttle with a reverse momentary switch.

Pop Shuvit :+1:

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