Best truck for moutain boards

What do you guys think are the best mountian board trucks? This is pretty subjective but want to see what you all like the most.


Very interested to see what you guys think, as I am looking for new trucks too.

One thing that I think should be factored in is motor mount options/quality and their availability, specially in the EU.


I think most of them have atleast a few options not sure about the 3dservisas

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For strictly mtb, it goes to the apex airs. So stable and comfortable (from the opinions of others)


My kind of question as i’m currently all about finding the best mtb truck for my style, which is not the easiest task :grimacing: My stable currently consists out of 4 mountainboards. One runs trampa infinity with barrels, one run mbs matrix 2, one run 3ds 320 with etoxx adjustable baseplates, one run apex airs. I also got experiance with Trampa IR’s

  • Trampa infinity is a solid truck that can take abuse at a fair pricepoint. Not ideal for electric boards imo. i’m not a fan of springs, barrels are okay but shockblocks feels better.

  • mbs matrix 2 are great while they last, i’ve bent the hangers on 4-5 matrix trucks from jumping. Also not great for gear drives since they are not precision milled. For lighter riders or boards not intended for jumping they are great value for the money.

  • 3ds 320, currently my favourite all around setup, feels like matrix 2 but wider and much better quality. Takes abuse like a boss. Paired with etoxx adjustable baseplates it’s a 10/10.

  • Apex airs, great for off road, great quality, looks dope, very stable. Imo not as good as channels for urban riding and carving, they do a decent job but no matter the bushing setup i can’t get the same snappy feeling like i get with 3ds 320 or matrix 2’s. I’m still getting used to theese after years of riding channels so opinion might change the more i ride them.

  • Trampa IR, pretty much same as apex airs but not as good. Especially not with the stock bushings they provide.

Overall i am sold on the 3ds 320 paired with etoxx baseplates, started to experiment with riptide lacroix bushings aswell. So much room for fine tuning with both bushings and angles.



I simply don’t like channels. The single axis they pivot on makes them prone to bump steering, and they don’t act as flowy as I want.
I’ve finally ridden my airs, although not yet electrically, and I love the feel. All those bushings really add a whole new level of dampening, and they behave more like rkp, which is my wheelhouse.
@shuttershock recently switched to airs from channels, though. How you liking em so far brutha?


Solid review :clap:

I love the feel of my matrix 2s and have disliked the spring trucks feel on some kaly and trampa. Always worried about when the matrix trucks will break down but I’m on the lighter side too.

Been curious about the 3ds wider ones and how they would compare to matrix 1:1. Any comment on how the width affects ride/carve/offroad?


Don’t forget @moon lunas:

Currently riding these now over 3ds.
Good performer on riptide bushing. stable + comfortable + relativity afforable, really light too if you care about weight. Haven’t tested a PKP yet but against channel its like trading a tiny bit of predictablity for alot of comfort.


I actually have a friends build over here that needs repairs but it has matrix 2. I could actually test this side to side and have some other folks ride the boards as well.

I personally just like how the fb320s are from a precision feel. They don’t feel cheap.

Riding wise it’s still my favorite setup. I just recently swapped them out for hyper trucks and the verdict currently is fb320 :smiling_face_with_tear:

Now for just riding rough terrain, apex airs for me.


channels on springs feel terrible
channels on barrels/ dampas, nice stability and control. kingpin bushes are a very annoying consumable
pkps are crazy comfortable on bumpy terrain. but man you carve too hard- kingpin bends, wheel knocks a pavement wrong- kingpin bends, you hit a lamp post at 20mph- kingpin bends (tbf did pretty well to only bend it). rough offroading on pkps is garbage as the hanger will move parallel to the deck losing 70% of your turning control.
channels- i’d recommend for hard offroading and 9 inch tyres
pkp- smooth terrian/ hard pack, makes 8 inch tyres comfortable off road


I kind of get what you’re saying but this isn’t really entirely true. Do you have pkp?

Yepp I’ve loved the airs so far. It’s kind of weird, they almost respond like rkp but not quite. Enough that switching between the two is very odd haha

Offroad they’re amazing, absorbing all kinds of bumps and making it easy to traverse rough terrain.

My setup is the default one so far and I’ve had no issues turning Offroad. Carving isn’t quite the same as rkp and idk I just don’t prefer carving as much on airs. On the default setup I’m stable up to 38mph then it gets super sketchy.

Overall they’re incredible to ride on and very comfy. Great for both Offroad and on road with 8 inch


I’d describe pkp as a strangely floaty rkp adjacent feel. Haven’t bothered tuning them in, no motor no point(I literally made my girls brother use my board to tow me to the store so I could test them LOL) but I’m rocking a symmetrical setup of orange fat cones all round board side, orange cones on the inner street side pins, and green barrels on the outer street side pins.

@Pickled_Monkey which pkp were you bending pins on? It’d be nice to know if one brand needs some tougher ones or something.


I would wager he has trampa, whose hanger is offset from the middle of the pivot

For me I still have all the default white bushings, haven’t tuned it yet. I’m sure tuning will make them more stable but I kind of just want to get used to this setup as is


Im a fat cone addict. They’re like crack T.T


More or less the same feel with minor differences in behaviour. I’ve been riding trampa infinitys with etoxx truck extensions for 3 years and my personal experiance is that wider trucks responds better. Althogh when trail riding on narrow paths they might be a bit troublesome


Etoxx makes trucks he doesnt have them in his shop though. they look sick.


Tired matrix 2s and trampa vertigo, i like the lightweight feeling of the matrix 2s but im heavy and i jump so it goes to trampa for price/durability/adjustability

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Your kidding right, i was riding them before they were cool XD
MUD MONSTER pkp prototype/ mkII prototype
Nompa pkp
And a set my mate machined for me.

They were about same grade as apex airs, yall not noticed some promo shots the deck don’t sit straight on airs.

Wouldn’t mind to try a set to feel how the offsets effect ride feel.

edit- grade of kingpin wrong


Looking at the going price for some of those, maybe I should look into making a few trucks to sell.


This is a very useful thread.

What is it about PKPs that makes them not as carvy as channel trucks?

As far as the parallel movement I read in a couple of responses, would something like precision cupped washers and tight tolerance seats on the hanger make a difference?

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