Best large urethane wheels?

Sup y’all, looking for some guidance. Working on my next build, gonna be more of a flexy street carver with the Revel DD motors. Therefore, I need some big 'thanes.

I’ve been planning on going with TB110s, but recently saw a few people complaining that they’re too bouncy(?) on rough roads

How are zoobombs in comparison? Boosted 105s? Any others I should look at? TIA guys

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You might hold off until the momentum hollow wheels come out. There’s a thread on here you can check out.

*edit - TB110s are the fucking shit btw. I’ve not heard a single bad thing about zoobombs either.


Sounds like a fun setup! You can save a couple bucks on the motors if you use my code RBEM at checkout ;p

Anyways, all three of those options should be good. On a real revel kit, I wouldn’t go all the way up to 111mm for fear of loss of torque. I assume you’ll be using a VESC though so probably nothing to worry about there.

Out of those three I would most likely pick the boosted ones, they have been lauded as a very comfortable urethane wheel in the past. I have a set of MADEsk8 ones that I need to start testing very soon, but I am hopeful for their performance.

I also own a set of TB110 that I’ve put several hundred miles on, and I enjoyed my experience with them. I get why people might say that though, a bit bouncy on rough roads, but I don’t think you’ll find any better at that size than that or the 111’s. I expect both of those wheels are very comparable but I haven’t ridden 111’s yet.

Any of these options should be good, but like Shadow said you could also wait for the momentum wheels (unknown eta still bc china is still stuck). My personal recommendation is that you see if you can try out some of these wheels locally to see what they feel like, if you can


The Zoobomb 111 is less bouncy than the TB110


Personally, I feel the TB110s are pretty bouncy. Also I had two wheels with core separation issues. Lastly, they are really heavy. About 650 grams. With a Revel kit, lighter wheels are better. The 105mm MAD wheels are available on the Verreal website now. Available from MAD ESK8 in the US in about 2 months. They weight about 410g and are exactly the same as the original Boosted 105s.


thx for the tips guys… leaning towards boosted 105s. the hollow wheels are intriguing but I love a carvy urethane wheel, can’t replicate the feeling.

anybody got any other suggestions? :slight_smile:

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Nice deal from a trusted member.


I hate the scumbag behind the company, but there’s also Boa 100s.

Some have said that the Hyperdrive 100mm wheels are nice as well, from a much better company.


Yes, buy my wheels. Good deal


I feel like going as low as 100mm would start to affect my clearance with the barrels… probably gonna try to stick to 105 and up.

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Leaning towards Boosted 105s for the extra range and torque tbh. It’s a good deal though

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those MAD wheels are looking sweet

100mm is perfectly fine, my Revel Kit ran on 90s for a long time and now had 105 clouds on it

I think the mad wheels would be a great option if you don’t want the 111s



Am I correct that you’ve ridden 110s, 111s and Boosted 105s?


That would be correct.

111s are awesome.
110s are pretty good but quality issues would have me concerned, plus, dex is racist against australians.
The 105s are great and if weight is an issue, would definitely recommend.


The 105 MAD wheels carve really well. the 72a urethane really grips the road.


I’m really looking forward to the Momentum wheels too. Not sure about the efficiency but the shock absorption should be top notch. I have learned lots by following the design and manufacturing process.

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I like the boa 100mm, care to fill me in who’s behind it?



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IDK @BillGordon I want to build a 100% conflict board next. Boas, Unity, Flipshit remote, TB drive train. Shit, I would hire CHIBATTERYSYSTEMS to build me a pack to complete the theme but they are an overpriced way to burn your house down.

Is tiller still sick. Fuck it, he was an asshole when he was healthy but his contributions to ESK8 were legit. I’d order a Bigly enclosure or some of those bendy-ass trucks he was slinging (JK those things are terrible). Point is, the guy was rude AF but six shooters are still dope especially the 6X3s.

From personal experience, I can say Boas are fun to ride on decent pavement. 100mm is the minimum viable option with direct drive and if your roads are forgiving they give me more of the legit skate feels than I get riding 110s. However, my roads usually suck and I am a shameless proponent of the iconic big wheel from TB. I got them in every duro and they are all fucking great. Guess I won the delam lottery with those but I digress.

Unscrupulous business people who have moved in and out of this hobby (sorry Brian) are not going to get in the way of my enjoying the endless carve that I require to make up for the daily aggravations of normal life.

Fuck Jason Potter, and try not to support thieves and douche-bags but don’t be surprised when the next Jed Wu comes around and has everyone fooled for 6 months to a year. Enjoy every ride and don’t get too caught up in the drama about who brought what to market.

I feel like that old saying about sticking around long enough to see every hero become the villain is especially true for ESK8. Apologies for the rant. I will go back to drinking and channeling my inner Kook elsewhere. I got nothing but love for ESK8 and you peeps. I will show myself the door.