Best bike lights for mountainboard

What is you guys best bike lights for a mountain board?

Currently running a Trampa bullbars, bought a bike light which is perfectly powerful enough but it’s front heavy on the mount so it drops down every few hundred metres.

In real need of a lift after work but ATM have no option to sit at home because I have nothing to light the path except a head torch!

I will be forever grateful for a decent link to a light that works!

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Maybe this topic will help

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Did you do your homework and read all 872 posts yet?

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Maybe if someone had some advice it would help

Maybe you could have just bumped the same thread? Take your light of choice and just pin it in place

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thanks for getting the gist, sorry if people were harsh. … fuckin internets. everything annoys everyone.

This mount is awesome, not sure if it would fit your light tho