BeSafe lights - (not only) esk8 lighting system

This project started as a simple Arduino thingy to control addressable led strips (such as Neopixel WS2812). I started it a long time ago, and finally finished when @Esk8_Spirit wanted better functions than a chinese module can provide. After a bit of testing, it was clear that setting parameters in code and applying changes by flashing new firmware everytime was very impractical. Therefore, I came up with an idea to make my module better, more intuitive and reliable. I already knew about TelTail Lights (link to forum thread here; I did not check which functions TTL have and I’m not trying to copy anything, let me know if something looks too similar). I made a working prototype which @Esk8_Spirit used and then I had to focus on other things.
Time has passed by, and I needed to choose my long-term practical exam topic. This project was ideal, because I could combine my hobby with school and save time by not having to develop two things at the same time (school would probably be a priority and who knows if I would ever get myself to finish these lights…)
And that’s why I made this thread, I thought that it would be great to share my progress with you here, and also to get some feedback that I could mention in my exam report

The main goal of these lights is to be seen, therefore be safe. And that’s how I came up with the name - BeSafe lights

Other goals of my project were:

  • ability to read input from remote and react to it (act as a brake light)
  • configurable physical button (e.g. for changing animations or toggling the whole module on/off)
  • two output ports for lights (front and rear)
  • easy configuration through an mobile app
  • easy installation and small size
  • ota firmware upgrades through the app

p.s. although I’m calling this project BeSafe lights, it’s only about the module to control them, the user has to buy the led strip(s) separately



This is the first Arduino module, you can see the led strip connector and 3pin input connector from remote


This is the second version. It’s based on the well known ESP32 (used also in davega)… PCB was made by jlcpcb


And this is where I am right now. Second version of the PCB is done and a 3D printed case for it is on it’s way.

Here is a comparison

And the case


Think I’ve seen 3-4 projects with the exact same components now, with typically the same functions. Can you guys start cooperating already? xD

Also, put the ESP antenna edge to flush to PCB edge if you want optimal range(not even sure you’re using it but still), alternatively do a cutout under the antenna.


Thanks for the replies! I’ve actually never seen anything similar and that’s why I did this :laughing:

btw. Can u send me a link or something? Or did those projects fail?


That’s interesting but also quite expensive for what it is…

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really excited about this man
super awesome project

the only thing holding me back from some other lighting systems is either they are to annoying and complex (require step down converters and a bunch of wiring) or they cost a fortune

if you can keep this project below £30-50 i think a lot of people would buy


This one also requires a buck convertor. I’m planning on implementing it in the future but for now, it’s external


oh ok
at least then please create a package including a buck converter and simple wiring diagrams please


Hope their relevant person in charge can see this feedback, haha. But they already include all the accessories such as XT60, and with a step-down module.
They also have a larger size, which is $10 cheaper than this. I have seen it in other topic.

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Those are chinese overpriced controllers. This will be cheaper, will have updates and will be way better.


So what does the version that Esk8_spirit tested do and what lights did he use and can we see pictures :slightly_smiling_face:

I am trying to figure out if I would choose something like this over the simple lighting solution I use now. That is 12v led auto lights feeded from the battery via buck converter or directly from the Spinted esc.

He used a Neopixel ws2812 strip. The module was receiving input from the remote and changing animation to a red themed one while braking. The main issue, which I described before was changing parameters such as animation speed. For that you had to change a constant in code and reupload it. That’s what I want to get rid of with my app. I’ll try to find some pictures from him that he sent me. Also I’ll upload a demo video of the new module this week :slight_smile:


Are you open-sourcing the hardware or software? I’d be interested in seeing the code and having a go at a buck for it. Haven’t done PCB layouts before and it doesn’t seem like a huge job

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Ha, ESP32 on a white PCB! My legal department is already investigating whether this constitutes an IP violation. I may accept 50% of your sales as an out of court settlement but only because you fixed my Xenith.

Now, with the legal stuff out of the way… You should definitely incorporate the buck converter so that the battery pack could be plugged in directly. Modularity is nice but convenience is also nice.


Thought about it but not open-sourcing yet (not sure if at all)… This project is also my learning way into BLE, so quite a long way to go before usable results will be seen :slight_smile:


A few weeks passed and I still haven’t made the demo video that I promised due to some more important school stuff, but work is being done :slight_smile:

In the meantime:

Finished case:

Already tested with some basic functions in my board, works as intended :slight_smile:

Trampa vertigo truck mounted front light:

Rear light made to attach to Trampa OBD motor mounts:

These lights are complete DIY, I could make a thread with more details and a “tutorial” if someone is interested :slight_smile:


Looks nice!
Estimated total cost, if I may ask?