Bench Test Results: Samsung 50S - 25A 5000mAh 21700…a great performer but ran a little hot

Test Report Summary: At under 10A this is the best performing round cell we can buy. At 10A and 20A it slightly outperforms the Molicel P42A and at 30A they are about equal. The Samsung 50S does run hotter though and the P42A runs at a higher voltage at the start when at high power levels.

Samsung lists the max continuous discharge rating at 25A. This rating has an 80°C temperature limit but the cells I tested get close to 90°C at 25A down to 2.5V so I am rating them at 20A continuous. I do not know why these cells ran hotter as Samsung does not exaggerate their ratings.

The dataheet also lists a 45A “temperature limited” rating. Samsung says you can run the 50S at up to 45A but you must never let the temperature of the cell go over 80°C. Since the cells I tested ran hotter than they are supposed to I am giving them a 35A non-continuous rating as long as you keep their temperature below 80°C.

I recommend staying at 20A or lower though to reduce risk, increase performance (less voltage sag), and to increase the life of the cell.

The two cells I tested delivered 5117mAh and 5122mAh. This is fantastic consistency and is typical of cells from the big manufacturers.

At this time, Vapcell rewraps this as their red T50, rated by them at 20A/35A 5000mAh.

Two cells were donated for testing by Vapcell ( Thank you!

Ratings graphic: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Full Test report: Bench Test Results: Samsung 50S - 25A 5000mAh 21700…a great performer but ran a little hot | E-Cigarette Forum

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These tests only note my personal ESTIMATED ratings for these batteries at the time I tested them. Any battery that is not a genuine Samsung, Sony, Murata, LG, Panasonic, Molicel, or Sanyo can change at any time! This is one of the hazards of using “rewrapped” or batteries from other manufacturers so carefully research any battery you are considering using before purchasing.

Misusing or mishandling lithium-ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of property damage, personal injury, or even death. They are not supposed to be used outside of a fully protected battery pack and you use them at your own risk. Never exceed the battery’s true continuous current rating and keep the plastic wrap and top insulating ring in perfect condition.

Testing batteries at their limits is dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone who has not thoroughly studied the dangers involved, understands the risks, has the proper equipment, and takes all appropriate safety precautions.

Any rating in my ratings tables can change at any time as different grade cells appear on the market, we get swamped with fakes, or new information becomes available to me. Please, never assume that the ratings in the tables are permanent and will never change! Always download the latest version before considering any cell purchase.

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So, we were only cheating on Samsung briefly, and didn’t marry Molicel after all?


Being a low-life sellout and corporate shill for the highest dollar I go where the checks are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I accept wire transfers too though.


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realizes there’s currently no simple way to get these cells to build with


Begs for my Molicels back


So this basically replaces the Samsung 50e? It’s basically a 30q that they made bigger to hold more mAh :astonished:

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ah the 30Q had some bigger current limitations as well, as I remember the “15A” wasn’t even very representative and had a bigger impact on capacity than should be ok for a rated continuous current

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You watch your whore mouth :joy:

That battery was the backbone of this community for a long time.


Is this what Propel is using in their boards?

Pretty sure it’s the 50e they are using. Someone on Facebook affiliated said so IIRC


:grimacing: hope not at 3p, otherwise they seem like stellar value

My whore mouth will do as it pleases thank you very much! (I run a 30Q pack right now, I have absolutely no leg to stand on here)


I would like a 12S9p pack of these for my Flux right meow…


maybe i should wait for this to come out!

Shit this might be my go to for personal batteries, the most I pull is 40A with my hybrid board


Waiting for new stuff is a never-ending battle, there will ALWAYS be something new that comes out soon that’s better than what we have now. If you adopt that strategy you won’t finish anything IMHO :smirk:


The 50E3 (latest version) is probably still being made as they are two very different cells for different applications and probably being sold at very different price points.

I don’t know how similar the chemistry is to the 30Q but I would be surprised if it was the same as the 30Q has been around for years and there have been a lot of small advances in formulating the materials that are used. The 50S probably uses these newer materials to get the performance it has versus just having more of the same materials the 30Q uses.


Someone was sniffing these out a while back


Anddddd then we find out they’re $9.2 a cell… :persevere: