Samsung 50S (a 40T with 5000mah!)

Finally its the 21st century. Full capacity and full amps. What do you think.

Id drop a grand on an onsra challenger if it had these in.

Samsung INR21700-50S |

i would hold off buying these until @Battery_Mooch does his usual cell test :crazy_face:


Good luck buying them all sold out haha. Its like someone got one box and then nothing since then. Looks good so far


More tests

samsung don’t sell individual cells or a box just with cells, the taobao link that BLF has, the seller is 100% selling salvaged cells from unknown source, hack we don’t even know if those are rewrap chinese cells are trying to flood the market


Im not suggesting or promoting buying anything from anywhere. Just some info on soon to be available (hopefully) cells. Do your own research.

I think someone got 100 from AliExpress or something

Since all of the cells we buy (except Molicel) are from unauthorized sales of excess inventory, diverted shipments, and under-the-table stuff, the availability is spotty to say the least.

I haven’t had any access to these but will be happy to buy a pair of cells off of anyone who can spare them so I can test them.


Looking at the sag, they’re hardly any different than the existing 5Ah cells except towards the lower end where the just keep going.
Someone just give us 4.5Ah 20A continuous cells already… it would be the perfect follow up from the 30q cells