Bench Test Results: Lishen LR2170SD - 9.6A 5000mAh 21700…good performer, has bottom vent

Test Report Summary: Lishen is one of the large, established cell manufacturers in China ( This is a good performing cell, matching or beating the other Lishen 21700’s (LA, SA, SF) at 5A and 10A. It is about equal in performance to the Molicel M50A and BAK N21700CG- 50. The Samsung 50E2/50E3 beats this cell by a little. They’re all fairly close though at 5A-10A, you probably won’t see much of a performance difference between them. Stay below 4.8A if this cell gets more than a bit warm.

The cycle life rating in the datasheet is good but I have not tested it. In addition to the top vent this cell has a bottom vent which, in my opinion, should not be blocked or pressed against hard.

The two cells I tested delivered 4912mAh and 4938mAh. This is below the 5000mAh “typical” capacity rating but meets the 4900mAh “minimum” rating. The consistency is typical for cells I’ve seen from one of the larger China cell manufacturers.

Two cells were purchased for testing by me.

Ratings graphic:

Full Test report: Bench Test Results: Lishen LR2170SD - 9.6A 5000mAh 21700…good performer, has bottom vent | E-Cigarette Forum

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Testing batteries at their limits is dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone who has not thoroughly studied the dangers involved, understands the risks, has the proper equipment, and takes all appropriate safety precautions.

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This is the new cell used by Lacroix in Lonestar Supersport packs.


As long as they’re staying in the 5A-7A range and the cells are not getting over 45°C max they’ll get great performance from these cells IMO. If they’re smashing away at them at 10A or the cells are getting more than slightly warm then…we’ll…that’s not so great and they’ll get more voltage sag and reduced cell life.


I think the super sport sports an 18s8p battery, I wonder what settings they run the controller on. They used to use 50e cells

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I see what you did there :rofl:





You’re telling me the sportier model doesn’t use sporty, high-current-discharge cells? Bruh
Quick maths tells me that’s pretty bad on the Nazare, which is just 18s4p.
Edit: my bad, it’s only the Lonestar that has those


Lonestars never have lol

18S8P is uuge that’s 2600-2800 battery watts at 5-7A. I would postulate almost no rider exceeds that aside from some big boys on hard bursts

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Brah, it’s so hard to pull battery amps at 18s … all my 18s adventures, I am rarely over 30ish amps on hard acceleration up hills, and averaging under 20amps over the whole ride



Those are P42A. Naz lonestar has always been capacity cells.


I said Lonestar. Naz is p42a


They were factory set at 60batt amps 65motor


For an 8P pack that is pretty good use of these cells…bravo. Just have to keep them cool as their rating drops by 50% when at 35°C….barely above room temp.

All cells need to be derated as they heat up though, especially in a pack where the “local” environment means each cell sees a higher ambient temp. Lishen has clear current vs temp ratings in their datasheets, which is fantastic to see and critical for those interested in long cycle life for their packs.


The factory settings are good. The biggest problem I see is that alot of customers end up bringing those settings up. I’m one of them 🥲
Well…I brought my motors up but not my batt amps


Yea, customer adjusted settings are always a possible issue. But I would think that motor amp adjustments are not an issue as far as the battery is concerned?

And as long as everyone is aware of the tradeoffs for battery amp settings then it’s okay IMO. The big problem is that the companies never tell anyone about the tradeoffs.

You would think it would be great for the company’s rep to do so though…”they care about their customers”…that kind of thing.

I’m wondering how many companies really understand their packs though and know the performance and cycle life tradeoffs that can be made.

LOL…I’m such a pessimist

He does. Atleast whenever someone asks him how to change the settings. He explains that this is not recommended due to the batteries being set for a good lifespan.


Hot damn…that’s good to hear. So incredibly rare to see that being done. Awesome.


I’m pretty sure it’s done for liability concerns :joy: there was a guy who told me he brought all the settings to 100…“because he wanted to see what the board could do at 100%…”
100 batt
100 motor per side
100 brakes
100 smart reverse
Safe to say he never did it again and his board has been sold since


Bahahhahahahahha! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m dead :rofl::rofl::rofl: