Beginner Question Thread! 2023 Edition

Earlier this week a replacement arrived for the throttle. 10/10 customer support even though I didn’t even realize mine might just be defective to begin with. The bigger shell casing was even added in with it

I still need to install it and put it in the fridge to test it for cold temps since it is basically spring now texas has no real winter


My VESC started to feel really twitchy, and IDK why. When I’m going at a constant speed, the board seems to almost click on and off power. I’m not sure what’s going on with it. Any advice? If you need more clarity, I can try my best to explain the issue more.

Check all your connections to make sure nothing is shorting out (receiver, motors, esc, battery). Without having some sort of logging, it could be a lot of things.

What specifically happens when it cuts out? No remote control at all? Motors keep running or shut off?

it just feels like power cuts, and its only really when I’m going at a constant speed, if I’m accelerating or braking it has power and brake. I read faults before I turn the board off and it says none recorded since boot

What hw fw? Vesc can id is correct and not the same for both? @Jbrk

Stormcore 60D+, FW 5.02, Both sides are the same version. I didn’t ride it for a week and it started to feel funky.

should I try updating it to 6.03 FW or no? I had a similar issue on my other DIY that had a stormcore but fixed it by reflashing FW I think

Definitely follow Venom121212’s advice and check all connections and make sure nothing has worked loose. Get some silicone or hot glue on anything that could get disconnected once you’ve cleaned and checked all the connections. Take some pics and post if you can. Cutouts are no fun - check your fault time and make sure it’s set to 80ms. Default is 500ms and can throw you off - 80ms is the current consensus for not too short to cause other issues but not too long and risk loosing your footing

Will do! I plan to open up the board soon to replace the enclosure anyway so I’ll open up the VESC too and double-check everything. Motor phase wires all have marine heat shrink on them. I am 90% sure I already set the fault time to 80ms but ill double check when I get home and see the board. Good news is I just fixed my other DIY that has been out of commission for the last 4 months with a Makerx DV6 pro so ill still have a fun board. May be back here later today or in the coming weeks. Thanks!

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That is the way man, i have my other board which i refuse to put on the bench until i get my current project dialed. Gotta have 1 working board at all time lol

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has anyone had motor temperature issues with the dv6s on fw 6.02?