Beginner Question Thread! 2023 Edition

Phase leads are the 3 big wires that go to a motor, top of the last 2 photos, far right edge onthe bottom pair of leads

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ahh, thank you very much!

Last question, would this increase the speed of the board, or would this only make me able to use a bigger battery

Speed is proportional to voltage

ahhh okay ok

I’m planning to convert my current build from urethane to pneumatics.
I finished my build in May and I love riding it, unfortunately the roads in my city are way shittier than I initially tough so I’m limited to riding only on the few good roads, bike lanes and sidewalks.

About my build:
It’s a 33.8 inch/86cm long and 10 inch/25cm wide kicktail deck with 23 inch/58cm wheelbase. Single Flipsky 6374 (190 kv, gear ratio 2.4.), Orange 85 mm Caguamas, Caliber II trucks and 10s3p battery pack (Molicel P26A) The single drive provides enough torque for my 85kg and the top speed of 43km has been reached only a few times. I get around 22-24km range with this setup.

My plan is to get bigger hangers for my caliber trucks, buy some hubs, tires, pulleys and belts.
I would like to stay on single drive if my torque and acceleration doesn’t suffer too much. Otherwise just buy another motor and a dual esc from maker.
I know my range will pretty much get cut in half, so I might need a bigger battery, but that is for later :smiley:

I know almost nothing about pneumatics and have no idea where to start.
What size tires should I go for, which tires, hubs and pulley do I buy?
I’m just looking for a more comfortable ride, I have no off-roading in mind.

I can foresee some issues with clearance and I’m not totally against a deck/enclosure swap, but I would like to keep the cost down as much as possible! :blush:

Any help and impute from people who have done similar builds would be much appreciated.
I’m pretty sure I have seen some short board builds with pneumatics on here. :slight_smile:

Even just some suggestions for some reasonably priced pneumatic wheels would be very welcome!

I’m located in Europe, so shipping and import taxes are a factor. :grin:

You’d probably have to get really wide hangers 270mm+ to use pneumies on that build and aesthetically it wouldn’t work. Practically, your feet might still gets in the way sometime. Plus, with only one motor your braking will suffer a lot. I’d say get some ~220mm hangers, risers and 120mm cloudwheels… Yes, I know clouds can have issues but not all of them. I put easily over a 1000 miles on mine before I sold them and they’re still going strong for the new owner. Just don’t ride them in the rain, or if you must try the 110 cloud rovers.

Thx for you impute. My friend has cloud wheels on his backfire zealot s and they are not enough for the roads in our city.

I was thinking about mad wheelz and Hollow wheels, but they probably won’t ether be enough.

There are 2 other riders I recently met in my city who both run pneumatics so…

If nothing else, I’ll probably get a Meepo hurricane bamboo with TKPs or Tynee Explorer. They both seem like a good deal for what you get (P42A 12s4p packs and 6374 motors). I can’t imagine building an comparable board for less than the price of ether of these boards.

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Those are great options for the price point.

I been using these, 105 eovan? Got them used from the forum, but im fairly sure outside of size they are the same as the evolve 115s. They can bounce back and lift my front foot a bit on big sidewalk bumps and potholes, on my zealot s. Noticably better than stock though. And im in toronto so everything is shit.

And i dont offroad, but if i can if i need to :rofl:

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Hi all,

I was recently trying to install a puck into my vesc based board to replace a vx4 that had disconnect several times and noticed that somehow during my tinkering, the board became unable to stay on unless I held the power button down. I noticed that the shutdown setting had somehow gotten set to “always off” and changed it to toggle and wrote the change only for the problem to persist. In any case, I held the button down the whole time as I moved forward with updating the firmware and setting up the input from the remote, hoping the updated firmware might be able to resolve the issue. However, I’m still unable to resolve the issue no matter what setting I change the shutdown setting to. Wondering if anyone has any ideas that could help. Solve one issue and create another…

What esc is this for? You want the shutdown mode to be OFF_AFTER_xxxx. That gives you button + auto shutoff. If this is a makerx esc, How to use the built-in power switch? - MakerX

Yeah it’s the Makerx DV6 Pro. Even when it was set to OFF_AFTER_30min it wouldn’t stay on unless I held the button. Thanks for the link though I’ll check that out.

Yeah it’s still fucked after switching it :frowning:

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Do you accidentally have the wrong switch type (normally open vs normally close)?

I have one that’s normally on open on this production board. I didn’t set the vesc up myself. Is there a setting to change that?

that’s a hardware switch type. You’re in my neck of the woods, right? I fixed your Mboards endurance mid ride? I think they owe you a new esc if it’s the same board.

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Yep, thats me lol. I’d love a new ESC from them personally, but I kinda doubt it. One of the guys from there came down on me for getting your help in the middle of a ride and then asking for help from them on a different issue regarding the vx4 disconnecting later. But to be clear, this is totally abnormal and there’s no known fix if the setting in the app is set correctly?

This sounds like a hardware issue

Ironically not long after your ordeal, one of the mboards guys sent me an Instagram dm asking for some general help.

Are there any built batteries I can buy that can regulate it’s voltage so by a flick of a switch it will go from 36V to 22V. It would be the best if the battery pack was under the board.

Edit: 42V=>36V