Bearing Exploded, Wheel flew off! Video

I have the worst luck, I’ve had my board less than a month and had catastrophic bearing failure. Board did a 360 and trashed my helmet.

Gave me a couple raspberry’s and a nasty concussion but besides that I’m ok.

It’s all on video too… for your enjoyment :popcorn:


It sounds terrible. Hope You are really ok. So You had brand new board? May I ask for brand? It looks like must be cracked from production. I can not imagine how this can happen with new bearings. Will ask friend which was working few Years in bearing factory like quality guy.


Woah, that’s crazy. Hope you heal up soon dude.

Make sure you get yourself a new helmet… TSG does a saved my life discount, it’s a pretty good deal if you’re in the EU. If you’re in the US though it ends up costing the same as Amazon after shipping.

I’m also curious about what board this is…

Is that 6 ball or 7 ball bearing? Is that a speed ring stack or is lighting just poor on a few thick spacers?

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It was a used board I got off the forum. Magnetic RS+ lite. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault it’s was just bad luck. I’m gonna be way more vigilant about checking my bearings.

Idk it’s a 608 rs bearing.

The casing makes a cool ring


So there was no broken part? Just bearing was disassembled because of carving? So tolerances problem with rings and balls?

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The only thing that broke was the bearing. I have never even heard of anything like this happening.

I take safety seriously, I would really like some feedback. I’m trying to figure out if this was just a rare freak accident, if I did something to cause it, or if something is wrong with my hardware that caused this to happen.


That’s frigthening !

What kind of wheel is it?

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Had You also spacer between bearings? May I ask for clear picture of broken part?


I am glad you are ok, my board did something similar ,it wasn’t the bearings,I was doing 44 mph, one motor just died, face down ,the next thing I knew, strangers were were dragging me out of the road, I was completely out for good 30 seconds, MC helmet saved my face, still had a bad concussion with lingering issues. Mind you it was my 14th known concussion. Dress for the unlikely disaster.


I was riding Bkb v2s, there was a spacer.

The outside bearing casing ring stuck to the hub , the balls disappeared. Besides the ring all that was left was the 2 melted bearing gaskets.

Had to hammer the ring out of the hub.


It’s a simple as bearing failed and wheel came off over the nut. Can happen quite easily.


so happy you are ok,i had to go get an MRI for a suspected brain bleed, please dont ignore unusual symptoms . I spent 8 days doing NOTHING in a dark room, no stimuli ,doctors orders. again im 50 lots of concussions, but I cant spar anymore and really probably will have to slow down on my board. I wear more gear than 99% of you, to the point of overkill. but in the last year I’ve crashed at 44 mph 2 times, ones from failed motor and once throttle stuck wide open, had to “step off” I had an aerostish suit,bohn lower body armor and upgraded padded shorts to equal level 6-8 mc armor, I had a full lower leg bruise, because the gear worked and spread the force out.

dont kid your self about what we do, we ride death machines, even a 15 to 20 mph fall could be really serious, I dont know if you guy have had serious road rash? nurse ratchet WILL scrub the wound with a stiff plastic brush to get debris out. I have a high pain tolerance. no shame in saying, I screamed like a little bitch,while she made jokes about “donor cycle riders”


imagine a car going by ,I fell in front of one, im told by the lady screaming at me when I woke up,i felt pretty guilty, once I figured out who/where I was

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608 bearings and 8mm axles have no place in esk8 :frowning:


That sucks dude.

Such a scary deal.

Just cruising and carving, and then boom.

I had a Cloudwheel break on me and come off a long time ago, and it was kinda like the board disappeared from under me.

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That helmet crack, dam. It saved your life i think. Looked like your feet caught and just whipped you down to the pavement. Fucking brutal. Glad you were geared up and mostly walked away.

Could your bearings have been bad when you started the ride? Were they ceramic or something different than the regular high chromium ones?

Were you using any spacers or speed rings besides the ones in the wheel and do they fit well? Any washers to space the wheel out?

If you tighten the wheel nuts does it bind and you have to back it off half a turn or can you crank it down and still get perfect free spin?

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You didn’t happen to spin the wheels before the ride and note any unusual roughness did you? I’m sure not, I never have, but maybe we should adopt that as a pre-flight test.

My Prius had a bad wheel bearing, I could hear a low rumble getting just a bit louder every time I drove the car until I took it in. How a Toyota could possibly have a bad bearing is beyond me, wheel bearings have been a known thing for quite a while.

Damn bro, glad you are ok.

Bearing failure is a scary thing. Tough one to prevent. Sometimes shit just happens.

Is there a spacer between the two bearings? I can’t really see what is happening on that axle.

Also, are the bearings 10x22 or 8x22? (As in, do you have 10mm or 8mm axles?)


That is super scary.
Glad you are OK.

Makes me want to line up a socket and bust out a hammer and see how much lateral loading a bearing can take.

My itty bitty single hub motor skate started a bearing type noise when carving super tight turns at slow speeds on smooth perfect asphalt. I put another single hub motor on front truck and noise disappeared so it appears the passive front truck has a bearing on its way out.

The hub motors being so quiet, on perfect asphalt, is the only way I could hear that something was off.