esk8 calc donate now - Are they legit?

These folks claim to be based in Texas, USA, and claim (of course) to sell only genuine cells.

The prices and selection are not very good compared to some of the known-good battery vendors (,,,

Has anyone purchased from them? Can anyone vouch for them being legit? Do they sell garbage fake/counterfeit cells?

@NatS I was not able to see any connection to IMR, I’m wondering what you saw that made you think this?


@Battery_Mooch this topic uses the words “battery,” “cell,” and “genuine,” at least once, so this is your obligatory tag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Got any experience with this seller?

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google shows that “One of the greatest commodities of this century will be the lithium-ion cell. We recognize that you need options for your projects and this is why we created” have exact match with IMR battery website, and their 5 bullet points of why choose them are kinda similar with slight different wording :man_shrugging:t2:

e: and then there is this link:


Could be copy-pasta :man_shrugging:

Now that’s certainly interesting. It seems like IMR is only linking to them for the fishpaper rings, not the cells. I’m wondering what the relationship is there…


Sorry, I don’t know anything about them.

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The site is definitely IMR related. Format is identical. and IMR is also in texas. (also your imr link is irm)


This doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Remember how the Ubox website originally was identical to the Flipsky website, including down to the logo in some places? That was because they just ripped the HTML to save time on having to design a website.

Devil’s advocate aside, it does seem likely that they are related. But why would the prices on BatteryPacks be so much worse?

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yeah, this


Saves so much time.


They don’t have packs listed on the IMR site that I can tell? The cell price difference is probably to help separate the branches of the company since no one would pay those prices knowing they’re way to high, but also have the cells that they can build packs with listed on the pack site so you can easily see options? I mean who knows really, but something along those lines makes sense to me.

Sometimes a company does this just because they can. Why sell for less if your target market will pay more? :thinking: just more devil’s advocating


I ordered from them just for the hell of it, but ended up canceling my order after deciding I didn’t want to take a chance on such a big purchase. Interestingly, the merchant came up as IMR Batteries on my credit card statement.

I called IMR and they couldn’t explain this… :thinking:


Hmm, the plot thickens… Thanks for sharing your experience!