Battery problems!

Hey, all! Today, I set out on my board at approx 90% charge. Out of nowhere, not even braking, more like going 5 mph, it suddenly shut off. Won’t respond to power switch, won’t connect to the remote anymore, didn’t sustain any elements nor damage as of late. It responds to being put on the charger, but the charger reads 100%. It will not connect to the remote when the power switch is on and connected to the charger. This is bizarre, because I rode it nearly 3 miles yesterday, I’m not sure why it would read 100 on the charger and not turn on with the power switch. The power worked for a bit, responded as normal, and then it cut. When the battery cut out, I didn’t hit the brakes, and I was on flat ground, making me think that it wasn’t an overload with regen braking. It wasn’t stored in freezing cold, it was in my living room. I won’t be able to be around my board until later this evening, so then I’ll re-check things and probably unbolt it from my board to further inspect.

This is the 12s4p battery from Torqueboards.

Charger reading 100% means that it isn’t making connection with the actual battery, so is just reading the charger’s output voltage, i.e. fully charged. I’m guessing a wire came loose somewhere, i.e. your battery is disconnected.

Funny that you made a thread before even opening the enclosure to look for yourself, heh.

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Shit happens when you set out for class 2 miles away with 20 minutes to make it and your esk8 stops 50 feet from your apartment. I trust the individuals here to ease my brain and have a possible solution before bracing myself for a $400 paperweight. :joy::crazy_face::sob:

I get your idea on this, but it could literally be anything. We cant give you any better of an estimate than “It could be X”

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@brooksie I have the same battery and the same problem. Multiple people here have the same issue. You have a low P group. More than likely you’ll need to replace the P group. Reach out to @torqueboards and start a conversation. How old is the pack?

You might want to check the bms also.

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@wandagoner same issue we have

@brooksie Sent you a PM.


I know literally nothing about what the p group is or how to fix/replace/repair a BMS.
Pack is approx a year old. Had a 3 month hiatus on riding, so it’s been in somewhat steady commission for 9 months. I’d bet it has less than 300 miles on it.

I expected as much, but I appreciate your understanding of where my mind is at lol.


Seems like Dexter will help you out. let us know if you need assistance checking your groups with a multi meter. in the meantime it maybe helpful to look at the Glossary of Terms to help with your understanding of components such as Parallel Group or “p-group”