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Battery Instruction. How to make a battery not blow up.

Here are ways this has been prevented.

Products you should buy list?
-fire alarm (free some places)

insert the Kweld sharing thing for EU peeps> idk where is

Good spot welder, practice cells, and procedure including regular pull test.

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I suppose this can not be too much a yes/no system as any instruction can be kind of followed badly enough.

Clear metrics for standard esk8 requirements… which are x abrasion, crush, flex, vibration.

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Wrap the P groups in fishpaper


use more kapton tape.

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  • Don’t charge at below 0°C.
  • Don’t charge faster than the rapid/quick charge rating.
  • Use a good BMS to prevent overcharging, overdischarging, and use/charging at too high/low a temperature.
  • Retire and properly recycle the pack when it starts running hotter, exhibits any weird behavior (not due to the BMS), or its voltage starts sagging a lot more.
  • Never allow the pack to be short-circuited.
  • Avoid excessive vibration and shock. Yes, this will be hard to do but cells really hate being bounced around and unless the pack is absolutely rigid there will be micro movements of the cells and stress on the spot welds. This creates metal fatigue and can lead to increased weld resistance (and heating) and eventual failure of the weld.

Battery Demolition Club (How to take apart a battery pack, dispose of cells)

I would love to see weld comparison between Kweld/Sequre/Sunkko/Cheapest spot welders after some severe vibration. To make it fair you would have to test all with thin nickel and low energy for equal ish comparison.