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Battery building online course?


Is there any good online training for guilding li-ion batteries? I do not care if it is a paid course as long as it gives all the information you need to build safe esk8 batteries. I would like to know as much as I can not only to build my own but also to be able to judge a bit more the work made by others if I decide to buy an already built one.

Do you have any course suggestion?


@Skyart has some videos he’s made already

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Imma need this soon lol

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2 of my fav resources to get you started

Essentially, the core things to a safe esk8 battery are

  • Flexibility. If you have any flex whatsoever, you must connect parallel groups with either copper braided cable or silicone wire.
  • 3 Welds (6 points) or more per cell whereever possible
  • Verified pure nickle only (You can verify it by scratching it up a lot then putting it in vedry salty water for a couple of days. Nickle plated steel rusts/turns the water orange). Sometimes you’re sold fake nickle accidentally even by reputable sellers (That can be lied to or so can their suppliers supplier etc)
  • Never cross a balance wire, and if you have to, use fishpaper to make a little bridge for it to go over
  • Fishpaper everything. As we dont use cell holders in the interest of space, all that stops P groups from shorting is the thin PVC wrap they come in. Use fishpaper as tall as your cell to wrap up the P groups, genuine fishpaper (otherwise called barley paper) isnt expensive.
  • Along similar lines, always use fishpaper rings on the tops of the positive terminals.
  • Never solder directly on the cell, including balance wires. Make tabs for them and solder to the tabs
  • Use genuine polymide (kapton) tape. its cheap as hell and maintains its hold under heat.

And number 1:
Never work on batteries when you don’t have a time or you are tired.



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Alls you need to know.
A very, very detailed video on how I built my battery pack for electric skateboard. - Bing video

Everything said so far is great. When other people ask about building batteries, I strongly recommend they literally read through the entire battery builder’s club thread. Then when they ask, “All of it? It’s like a thousand pages…”, I go “Yeah, it’ll save you from making a lot of mistakes and losing money and probably some skin at the very least.”

@Lee_Wright is an amazing resource, I’ve learned a ton from him.

And honestly, Pavel Garmas’s long video of a top to bottom build was pretty good to watch also.


Ah, I see the video was posted already, but I didn’t see it from the Bing link. My bad. :pray:

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I’m thinking of mounting my old gopro hero 4 above my desk and making some videos or a time-lapse of building common esk8 packs. There should be a thread of good battery tutorials.


Hero 4? Ewwwww. If you do that, I’d personally ask to put as much into the production quality as the build of the packs themsevles. Granted, I’m a biased YouTuber that’s never satisfied with a video…but I just can’t watch potato content no matter how valid and quality the information in it is.

Anyway…I’ll pack up my negativity and piss right off now. :pray:


I don’t see Pavel Garmas mentioned here much. Why is that? I’ve found his videos to be pretty darn good


It was my christmas gift when I was like 10 :rofl: It was a blast making snowboarding and airsoft videos. I’ve done a couple marching band POV videos too. It’s either a Hero 4 or a IPhone XR…

I’ll try my best, they won’t be close to anything you do but will probably get the point across.

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Thank you all for your replies! Very appreciated!

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Haha I feel you, I’m gonna be making a tutorial somewhat on my 10s5p build that I’m doing for an upcoming project

Will be a little bit as there’s a different video that comes before it, but I will work hard to make it high quality


Any videos of someone building a battery for a single stack eboosted enclosure? Just wanna see how other people designed their packs as im going into this mostly blind


What config? I don’t have a video but I can help.

This angle ain’t that bad right??? I printed a 200mm mount that sticks to my wall…

it does need some lighting though.

Also what settings would you recommend?

  • 1080p 60fps
  • 1440p 48fps
  • 2.7k 30fps

Don’t know the specific layout, but I’m maxing out my 40" evo SS enclosure with 12s4p p42a.

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This might help if you haven’t seen it already, it’s from the product page:

I have seen the picture, I just wanted to know what to expect from actually doing it