Battery and electronics will fit in one?

Hello im looking at putting electronics and battery in the same case to make it easy access i purchased a pelican 1200 case and should be ariving next week im also about to reorder my cells since i jsut got my refund from another supplier. my origional battery was going to be a 12s7p in an underm ount enclsoure but my buidl changed and im now lookign at top mount since not everythgin will fit in my enclsoure i purchased oh well $300 down the drain their or i might use it for another build and sell it duno.

any ways i was wandering what will fit in the pelican 1200 case, 12s7p + VESC reciever and anti spark will their be enough room to add anything else? could i fit a 12s8p in their with electronics wihtout squishing everything?

I call @rich the master of pelicase :sweat_smile: not sure which size he is using, but for sure can give you some information which battery would fit.

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So this is a optimised 12s7p layout drawing (found it in one of @taz 's threads) I would say the 12s7p puts you at 200 mm length and about 150 mm width.

I made a 12s6p with bulky positive and negative terminals on the side which made my pack a bit longer. About 210 mm long.

About 125 mm wide. And about 90 mm tall including bms on top

I ended up making a battery box with inner dimensions of 215 × 170 x 100 mm. This fit all the electronics nicely (battery, bms, 2 focboxes, receiver, metr pro and the wiring and loopkey and charge port.

So here you have some reference.

I found the 1200 peli is 235 x 181 x 105 mm. This is just my estimation, but I think12s7p with vescs en other electronics would be tight but I think it can be done if the pack is made nicely. 12s8p with all electronics im not so sure.


What filament did you use for that? How well has it held up so far?

Just ordinary PLA. I have to say its strong enough already did some jumping with it and used it for about 100k km with a lot of vibrations up untill now no problems so far. With the first design I did have a problem when the board slammed into a wall, the bottom cracked where I made a cutout of 1mm in the bottom for the aluminium clamping plate to fall into this ended up being a weak point now I just made the bottom even and used filet to strenghten the seams. Designed it to have 5mm wall thickness all around. Print settings: 3 perimeters 30% infill, 4 bottom and top layers.


Thanks I’ll stick with 12s7p and try to fit everything in it

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I had just one in my whole life, I would vote for @pjotr47 as master of pelicase.

Basically the answers are there, I have the pelicase 1120 which is big enough for 12s7p in honeycomb style. I went with 12s6p so there was place for the BMS on the side with divider. I don’t like the bulky 6s connectors but was in a hurry and also wanted to be able to disconnect the BMS if needed.

If you place something above the battery (like ESC’s) be sure that every gap on the sides around the battery is filled with foam or neoprene foam so that it can’t move at all. I prefer to add foam on top as well to be super safe, so therefore the BMS on the side.

I’ve tried many different types of foam in the past and all of them got squeezed after a while due to the weight of the battery. Only yoga mat (the green in the pics above) is dense enough to keep the shape (at least for a long time).


Hehe lol :innocent:

Picture off my new pelicase work… 2x trampa vess6+, perfect fit in the enclosure with a step down for the lights. Maybe 1cm2 extra room.


Not the cleanest but hey for my first, I’m proud as fuck of myself


thats almost the same esetup i was loking at what battery u got in there?

Lol i need that sticker!


im curious to knwo where he got it from too =p

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@Krazor @glyphiks Battery is 12s6p 30q
Sticker is custom made


Just a side note for you. My cells are on pcbs, triple heatshrinked, double fish papered, and covered in about 2 meters of kapton tape on top of all that. This takes up space I wasn’t using anyways. You could easily fit alot more. With my method I would still have space to make it a 16s6p (just for comparison) or in other words, 24 extra batteries. So, if you aren’t as paranoid as me…space will not be an issue. Just make sure it can’t move. Foam the sides of the pack and make sure the electronics on top can’t pierce the pack(I put a sheet of fish paper and pieces of foam for this). When you can, show us some progress and ask advice if you need it :slight_smile:

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will do ill post back here with progress. cell should be here thursday just in time for the weekend ordered them today and they shipped already, will ahve them by thursday only 1 state over

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Hey, were you able to fit the 12s7p 18650 nese in the Peli 1200 case? I’m thinking of using Peli 1200 for 12s8p nese and bms. I would put VESC and stuff outside the case.

hey yeh it just fit it wont fit a 12s8p unfortunatly if you go the neese route 12s7p is the max that will fit with neese as the lid just closes

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Thank for the answer. Are you sure that 8p doesn’t fit? Here jehugarcia inserted 8p into the case, but I’m not sure if it would be possible with 12 modules. Also now the nese modules got slimmer with the version 2, so that could also help.

Excuse the mess I need to rip it apart and redo it but I can confirm that they will not fit.



why in tarnation didn’t you cut the wires? :man_facepalming::joy: