Backfire ranger x3 diy?

Hello! I currently have 2 boards, boosted mini x, and a landyachtz evo based DIY with onsra TKP trucks and BKB pneumatics. Im currently playing with the idea of making another DIY based around a ranger x3 deck. Im thinking 12s2p to keep it lighter and more portable, and I’m thinking street wheels for it. I have evolve DKP trucks lying around and think I’ll use those to keep things cheap. The stuff I would need to buy is battery, ESC, remote, and motors. If you have any recommendations or ideas regarding this build I am more than happy to listen. Im still learning a lot and think this would be a fun light weight board. Thanks in advance to everyone that helps!


for the enclosure check out @eBoosted’s stuff, I’m sure you could find something to fit the backfire deck…

for ESC I’d recommend makerX

for your remote, im selling a hoyt puck for a great deal :eyes::sweat_smile:

figure out your battery after enclosure is determined but some good builders are @Skyart @A13XR3 @ShutterShock

many more via this thread :point_down:

any reason you’re going with the backfire deck? do you already have one? reason I ask is because you could likely find a different/better deck/enclosure setup if you did some looking


My college skate club has one they’re gonna try to sell soon and I really like it. Prob gonna be $75 ish for deck and enclosure. The enclosure on it is a modified eboosted enclosure I think but I’m not sure. It’s a custom segmented enclosure. I can post a photo later. @Akbrock47 is also in the club and may be able to shed some more light on that.

If there are recommendations for better trucks over the evolve DKP I’m happy to check them out too. Also is there anywhere that I can get a baseplate that will accept the evolve DKP hanger to make it TKP?

Yeah so as @Jbrk said, the deck is somewhat in hand already and the whole point of the build was to form it around this deck. The club bought it last year and it can be seen here:

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The main goal is to turn the deck into a light commuter that is comfy and easy to bring around.

I think 12s2p or 12s3p would be plenty for what the end vision is atm. Hopefully you have your battery built by me again lol.

As for the trucks, I think the evolve dkp would do fine as you have ridden them already and you will not likely be riding too fast for the trucks. We also have the normal trucks that are currently on the deck that we’d give you for cheap

As for motors, I’d recommend anywhere from 6355 to 6374 for the motors in order to not have to deal with overheating from all of our hills. @Skyart has a sale at the moment and you can get a pair of reacher 6355s for about $170. You could likely get a used set of motors as well.

For the VESC, I’d recommend a Makerx Dv4s. Good price, from a trusted company, and will give plenty of juice for a lightweight commuter.

Also I hate to self plug on here, but I have a drivetrain for sale for cheap (I’ll give you the f&f discount as well) that would give you motors and a set of aluminum hubs and pulleys cause I know youve been looking for a set lol.

Sick that u got a college skate club! Best of luck with the build

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@Jbrk , @Achen , and I are all on the exec board. It’s actually the biggest collegiate skate club in the country as of this spring.

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Wow that’s sick. How many members? I wish I had had time to start one at my school

As of this morning we have 421 members. It’s not just esk8 though. We have trick boarders, long boarders, esk8, one wheels, etc.

Edit: GC was acting weird. We actually have 449

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We’re pretty grateful we have this opportunity! It was actually my first introduction to skateboarding and now I’ve got a Zealot. I’ve gotten to try OneWheels and EUCs through the club, too. Trying to convince the club to buy a Hammer, Hurrican, or Summerboard :joy:

Not the hammerrrrr

Hammer sledge 4wd?

6WD ofc. I had high hopes for Appa, but now I’ve gotta compensate somehow

Appa was never gonna be 6wd and you know that

A girl can dream

This really drifted from what it was originally.

Still stoked about the idea of a small lightweight board that I can have for on campus. I really want this to become a thing. I don’t like spending money though.

Then you’re in the wrong hobby my guy


SO i priced the whole build out
deck and enclosure-$80 (quote from seller)
12s3p battery from a reputable builder with friends and family discount- $450
trucks $0 or $30~ depending on if I go evolve DKP or BKB 236
used 6374 motors- $125
used vx1-$30
used Stormcore 60d±$220
wheels and pulleys-$0 (owned)

total comes to about $900.

deciding if I should go through with this as a second board. My current EVO build is pretty good so idk how much I’ll use the other one. I might be able to shave off a little bit more cost in some places while still keeping quality. I’m thinking I could get it down to $825. What are people’s thoughts on the 2 price ideas? Thanks in advance!

Make that 350 my dude

Also if you go for the zero dollar trucks, it adds up to $805 (also don’t forget that includes a set of hubs for your other board because they’re included with motors)