Back up Bergs anyone?

I’m working on a board that runs bergs, and every now and then I see a post of a flat tire…is there like an airless ‘donut’ tire that is compatible? Id like to keep it tied in as a repair kit spare, and ideally something I don’t need to worry about (hence the airless). I know dickyho has airless 6x2 wheels but I don’t think they are removable from the hub

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Good idea on having a spare…however they are not removable from the hub and you are not getting those bearings inside out. So no go for 10mm axles. You may just want to carry spacers and replace with the hub

You can carry a complete 6x2 cheap ass wheel with pulley as a spare tire. Relatively cheap and should get you home.


I love that idea! quick and simple

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Credit to an @Accrobrandon youtube post :slight_smile:

So just swap everything if it happens? Do you think I’d get away with a fully printed wheel for a little?

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Big props to @Accrobrandon for this genius and simple solution. A month ago I was forced to carry my board when I had a tire go flat. Having a spare would have been great

What’s the video y’all are talking about?

Dunno. I thought you got it from the video. Props to you too then sir

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I just saw someone post about waiting for a pick up because their Trampa had a flat on r/electric skateboarding…I’ve seen some build somewhere that had a spare on it but no idea who made it

Here ya go

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Shipping is more than the wheels lol

Pretty sure that was esk8 Jesus

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I ran PETG and Nylon hubs for months on end, no issues. It will work for sure as a backup.

I’d do nylon and avoid PETG for the thinner ‘bead’ areas of the tires since PETG likes to crack there and nylon will flex out under the tube pressure instead of cracking. I used PETG for the main hub section and Nylon for the outer rim parts.

I’m sure PLA, or better yet heat treated PLA or anything really will get you home in a pinch.

I wonder how well those solid 6x2 would work or if they are really heavy

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I sometimes carry a spare on top of my battery enclosure. I dont have a great picture but here is a very zoomed in one of my board in the back of @BigBen 's love bus.


I run full PETG printed hubs with no problems whatsoever. If it is good enough for that it is good enough for a spare.

Just put some spares in your bag?


I just got this 3D pen for $7 on clearance for my daughter. You think I can’ make a pulley with it? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


yes. good luck.