Back up Bergs anyone?

But I can’t find where he talks about using a 5th wheel for spare… Maybe it was in the cheap-ass 6x2 thread.

it might have been, Ill take credit for me video tho!! and feel free to whore out my channel lol…

i always ride with a spare tube… however which makes no sense is that I dont actually carry an air pump either lol so i guess I hope ill break down close to some sort of air supply…since i dont ride back country or anything…

however on my delivery ebike I always have both… not sure what my “preperation” issues are lol


Does anyone know of a super small pump for the bike they like?

what ever one they sell at walmart… it fits in my small box I keep on the back of my bike and def works for roadside flats and additional tune ups =)

I’m sure there’s a learning curve. Gear drive here I come!


close enough

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I bet if you printed out a pattern to follow you could get something usable, haha! (Awesome)


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