Back to building, 6th Build Short Board

Hopefully something of a distraction from all of the chaos in the forum at the moment… Back to building…

Having completed 6 boards now over the past three years (build logs coming for some interesting ones), I find myself riding my one short board more often than the others. It’s just much more practical for hauling around as a useful tool. Thus I think I’ll rebuild my first hub board. Jeez this thing came from diyeboard, one of the OG vendors to screw us over. Worked for me though, and lasted a good while before I’d moved on to better builds.

I’ve had these set of MAD hubs waiting for this board. When I first got them I was pretty stoked to find out they fit perfectly on the Bear trucks I got from the Landyatchz mystery box (good times).

Plan now is to swap out the 10s5p (22p cells?) to something more power dense. I only need ~10 strong miles of range. Initial thought is a 12s2p with p42a cells which are cheaper than 40Ts at liion right now. This battery will be my first, I’ve been putting off learning this skill for a while, but now is the time.

This will also be a test bed for these :grimacing::

12s2p fitting:


What deck are you using for your short boards? And all your shortboard? I just bought a 32x9.5 with kicktail and am hoping that it will be a nice extra board option to use with my meepo v3 board

I’ve got two 34in skateshred decks the other is belt driven. These are great decks and have a good wheelbase for decent speed. I wish the concave was a little steeper but they are perfect for cruising.

What are these?

Those are Zecs’s - I have a propensity to try different things. We shall see how they turn out. Look pretty solid though.


So fresh So clean :call_me_hand:

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Ooh nice! Are you the first to post a build with them? I have been following that thread closely. Let us know how they go!

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I just bought a skateshred 34 in! The split kicktail deck in fact. What are yours? If it is the same, should i cancel and find a better deck? I saw the classic mini kicktail decks but i wasnt sure if i could fit the enclosures.

What deck on skateshred would you have rather have gotten?

Idk, haven’t seen anyone else using them. I don’t think he made very many. I’ll keep this thread updated as this goes along. I might use old diye battery to test the esc’s and see how the anti-spark switch is working. Little worried about that bit.

Also been using these too:


I made a build thread on the other forum at the time and linked that board a couple times. Looks like the link is dead? Their selection looks a bit thin too at the moment def missing a few.

Their decks are fine. Idk man I don’t look into too much I just try to get an idea of what is going to fit based on the wheel base. I also had their 36in downhill deck didn’t really like that one too much, little too long for its kicktail. They are cheap decks so I was willing to experiment.

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How are the MakerX Mini FOC Plus holding up? Anything to report about those?

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So far so good. Absolutely no issues yet. Running them in FOC @ 50amp per motor. Had to flash the bootloader to get them up and running.

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50A motor max or 50A battery max? 12S li-ion?

12S, motor max, I did run them harder for a little while but this has become my wifes board so I toned it down a bit. Hopefully that plus the extra cooling will keep them running for a while. Got about ~100 miles on them.

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Plan for connecting P groups. 0.15mm x 8mm nickel strip doubled and folded on top. P groups then jumped with 12awg wire. Open to alternative ideas:

please criticize this if there’s a better way


Too bad there isn’t a Superlike button, because this is exactly it right here.

Sometimes I feel sorry for all the folks that only have built huge, long, heavy beasts and wonder how much it must suck to not have discovered yet the elusive world of well-built electric shortboards for errands.


Agreed, weight is a huge factor when considering it for practical transportation.



I find myself reaching for my shortest, lightest, board most often as well… looking into making it lighter… if I can manage a 15km range, 50km/hr on a 15# board, It’d be perfect

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the Blue One? :rofl:

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