AVS Race N Ride - Nov 2022

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Zen Lee did a really good video promoting the event, and in particular the EUC angle. We need some competative esk8 version of this. Can’t have EUC outmarketing eSK8!

also… “s-kate”?? or “e-skate”? :stuck_out_tongue:


@fessyfoo and @DEEIF off to the awkward start in last AVS race. (feb 2022) :smiley:


Geoffrey Chiu ran EUC and ESK8 last time.


fb event



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wait are those xboard gloves? way back then?

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@Heathlewis reping the DIY at the last event.


Yep and jacket


Found ryan alexander’s excellent drone footage.


Excellent video


I will be there racing the Hoyt St. UAV Dadbod


i’ll be there next year

got some fun stuff :yum:


What would y’all say the avg speed is here?

Same :wink:

“average speed”… would be a cross a wide range.

the pro/open class can get very quick down that straight away. basically whatever peoples max speed is.
outside of that the turns constrain speed decently enough. not as much as a gokart track.

since we’ll be doing qualifying based grouping into 3 classes it generally makes for fun competitive speeds in your normal slow riders, regular riders, and fast riders.

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Track is .8 miles 15 turns.
Pev record @MarioChacon 74.50seconds (SRB V-5)
Avg speed 38.66mph (61.8kph)

Race results from Winter Race N Ride 2022

EUC Qualifying 1 Kevin Zavala 1:23.77 2 Sho Scott 1:24.14 3 Zen Lee 1:24.27 4 Michael Pulido 1:24.46 5 Colton Geregory 125.48 6 Douglass Marshall 125.63 7 Law Laxina 126.27 8 Mike Leahy 126.54 9 Mario Chacon 1:26.83 10 Sheridan Miller 1:26.93 11 Roger Hajals 127.63 12 Tim Rodriguez 1:27.81 13 Stephen Cain 1:29.06 14 Geoffrey Chin 1:29.42 15 Antonio Vargas 1:29.96 16 Joshua Mira 1:30.35 17 Sam Aegg 1:31.19 Novice 18 Alien Rides 1:32.14 19 Murland Fish 1:33.48 20 Brian Dillard 1:36.60 21 Ron Lion 1:36.81 22 James Culver 1:36.83 23 Ron Derosa 1:38.56 24 Andy Han 1:40.64 24 Nick Gasmena 1:42.36 25 Mask Ara 1:42.36 26 Tsuetan Laleu 1:44.54 27 Richard Salced 1:44.94 28 Danial Grammert 1:45.78 29 Clint Hatch 1:47.31 30 Louie Lilvauag 1:48.27 31 Nolunchman 1:48.46 32 Clifton Massey 1:53.75 33 Aundrey Tarasyuk 1:54.04 34 Joseph Chang 2:04 62 35 Michael Hartley 2:13.68 36 Triston Towers DNF

E-Board Qualifying 1 Mario Chacon III 1:14.50
2 Ryan Smith (Ruxx) 1:16.94
3 Heath Lewis 1:18.97
4 Fess 1:19.37
5 Dash Seiffer 1:20.47
6 Alex Moavani 1:29.47
7 Kennu Lay 1:31.50
8 Derek Stavis 1:34.19
9 James Wong 1:44.17
10 Alex Williams 1:45.06
11 Alexander Hernandez 1:46.59
12 Anthony Merrill 1:48.37
13 Geoffrey Chin 1:49.80
14 Jon Talavera 2:19.98

Qualifying times:
1 Erik Wilson 1:19.58 E Scooter
2 Jaypee Milanes 1:19.70 E-Bike
3 Kevin Wolf 1:22.67 E-Bike
4 Gildo Beleski 1:23.69. Trikke
5 Raul Aceredo 1:27.69. Trikke
6 Chris Tuzzi 1:31.37 E- Scooter

EUC Sportsman Class #PevRaceNride
Winter 22
P1) Sho Scott
P2) Zen Lee
P3) Sheridan Miller
Thanks to class sponsors @revrides_official
@fluxmvmnt @voltaic_motion

EUC Ladies Podium #PevRaceNride
Winter 22
P1) Kelly Chameleon
P2) Maribel Vargas
P3) Miles Garnier
Thanks to class sponsors @revrides_official
@fluxmvmnt @voltaic_motion

EUC Novice Podium #PevRaceNride
Winter 22
P1) Murlin Fish
P2) James Culver
P3) Alien Rides
Thanks to class sponsors @revrides_official
@fluxmvmnt @voltaic_motion

Pro Open Class esk8 Podium #PevRaceNride
Winter 22
P1) Mario Chacon III (SRB V-5)
P2) “Fess” (SRB V-5)
P3) Dash Seiffer. (SRB V-5)
Thanks to class sponsors
@fluxmvmnt @riptidesports @voltaic_motion @hoytskate

Sportsman Class esk8 Podium #PevRaceNride
Winter 22
P1) Alex Moavani
P2) Ron Gallanato
P3) Derik Stavis
Thanks to class sponsors
@hoytskate @stoogeraceboards
@fluxmvmnt @riptidesports @voltaic_motion

Novice Class esk8 Podium #PevRaceNride
Winter 22
P1) Alex Williams
P2) Geoffrey Chiu
P3) Alexander Hernandez
Thanks to class sponsors @redemberboards
@hoytskate @stoogeraceboards
@fluxmvmnt @riptidesports @voltaic_motion
Pic by @smlskl

Overall Podium #pevracenride 22
P1) Jaypee Milanes E-Bike
P2) Erik Wilson E Scooter
P3) Raul Aceredo Trikke

One Wheel Podium #PevRaceNride
Winter 22
P1) Bryan Brook
P2) Trey Odish


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example race divisions and classes

Final divisions and classes will be decided by the race masters based on participation.

for more info, check out the race info sheet.

All over EUC land riders are posting about AVS.

ThaBlackCobra shared a post on Instagram: "Join the Amped Crew at AVS - Apple Valley Speedway Race & Ride event. Hosted by @la_pevs 
Music from Epidemic sound.
#avs #applevalleyspeedway #myinmotion #clarkpads I#thablackcobra #wheelliferally...

ESK8 seems less hype on the socials. :smiley: at least the more DIY side i’m connected to. :smiley:

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