[AUS] Custom battery packs and Evolve upgrades

Hi Folks,

I’m thinking I’ll revive this thread rather than start a new one.

I’ve been building esk8 batteries for over 3 years now, based in Brisbane. I do build year round, however I have more time available in the Winter.
So I’m in full build mode at the moment!

Drop a comment or a PM with your battery needs. I have a whole bunch of locally sourced, organic, grass fed Molicel P42A’s ready to go

Here’s a few recent pics


Great to see you more involved on this side. @Dareno has been singing your praises for quite some time.


Any pics of bigger packs with flex?

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Well I would hope so, I’ve been stuck in his basement for a while now :joy:

I’ve been lurking for a while. The general vibe is much nicer over here haha


I did one like this but it’s fairly long. I could do the layout with the cells pointing the other way and join the group’s together with silicon wire. Similar the eMTB’s that have the enclosure underneath the deck.


Hey man I’m in New Zealand and need a pack for my mono build. thinking 12s3p 30q can you hook it up?

Maytech 6.8 Vesc
190kv Maytech sensored 6374
Maytech waterproof remote and receiver

Hey man, Im not sure i can ship to NZ. I’ll have to look into it

TNT will normally ship lithium batteries


how fitting :rofl:


Thanks man I’m sure it should be sweet. Might have to sea ship but that’s allg.
Have you got the time to make one before xmas ?

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Hey there @TinnieSinker, you seem like the guy to go to for battery packs in Aus. I’d be looking for a 10s5p with a BMS, are you still building them?

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Hey man, I am still building when i get a chance. currently looking at a 4-5 week lead time. I’ll send you a PM

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Hey I’m chasing a battery for my bamboo GTX, are you still turning these out. I’m on the sunny Coast bit would happily make the trip to pick one up :slight_smile:

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Hi Glenn. I bumped your account so you can post and message freely.


Thank you :slight_smile:


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that last comment is very fitting haha

New photos and details added to the top for those that started at the bottom

I’ll also be doing another batch of abs enclosures in the next couple months.
Made for 21700 cells, it’ll fit a 10s5p or 12s4p.
Fits evolve GT decks (clone decks are available). should also fit any similar concave decks.
I’ll also be doing an enclosure to fit a 40in drop down and others


Looks fucking awesome Jai! Nice one :call_me_hand:

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How much are the ABS enclosures gonna be? They look good

Such a shame to waste it on an Evolve.