[AU/WTS] parting out metroboard single

Metroboard single
Battery is only a month old. 36v 9Ah, 45A continuous and 75 peak. Full disclosure - Board shut down on me a month after replacing battery, brakes came on. Now the on/off switch sparks and smokes when I turn it on. No clue what the issue is. Enclosure is also falling apart so time to upgrade. Replacing with a BKB TAYTO. Will probably hang onto the wheels until I see what the 105mm clouds are like. New battery was professionally built, cost me $480 so I figure it’s worth maybe 300 ish AUD, or 400 for everything minus wheels, including two chargers, bunch of fiddly little spares etc. ILAN from metroboard could probably help you get it running again, I haven’t spoken to him. Anything else make an offer:

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@b264 might want the enclosure and remote.


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I really like the metro trigger remote. I’m hoping the vx2 pro that comes with the BKB is as good…

I was so hoping this was one of those 12S 5.5Ah 43.8V LiFePO4 batteries

Do you still have the original battery?

I’m in USA / 63101

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No I ditched the old ones. Sounds like I shouldn’t have…

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What was wrong with the old battery? I’ve never seen one that wore out. Was it just a range upgrade you wanted?

When they get old (4 to 5 years) the board starts cutting out on even tiny hills. It gradually gets worse, and starts cutting out on the flats with a head wind. That’s when I ditch em

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Was it the NiMH one or the LiFePO4 one?

LiFePO4. Just checked an old photo I have of it

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I’m shocked you managed to wear one of those out.

How much do you ride?

I wore two out over a 10 year period. I commute about 5km to work and back for about a third of the year. So not huge amounts but it doesn’t sit on the shelf either.

Hey do you know if the metro trigger remote will work with a BKB kit?


The metro trigger remote is one of these

and will work with any VESC setup, like bkb for example. Use channel 2 for the trigger. The wheel is channel 1. Channel 4 is for bind.

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Awesome cheers

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Bit of extra info on the battery:

Samsung 30Q cells
Includes a built in 30 amp charge / discharge BMS.

Price drop to 250 on the battery.

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