Are xt90 connectors safe for over 100A?

I will be building a 30q 12s7p pack, and that can produce 105 amps max, I heard that xt90s can’t handle that much, but my tenka came with a presoldered xt90, is it safe to use like this?

Also I would appreciate any tips regarding the build of a pack this big

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You are totally fine with the xt90, furthermore, it is extremely difficult to pull that much current for more than just a few seconds, so I don’t think the connector would even get hot.

Battery building is discussed here a lot:

I wouldn’t worry about using a xt90 in your case.
If you want some additional info on what they can handle I recommend watching this:


Can an XT-90 handle 100A+ continuously? Probably not.
Are you able to actually make your board draw that much current continuously? Also almost certainly not.

Can it handle intermittent spikes of that magnitude with an average draw of half that? Yes.


I would worry more about your tenka not being able to handle this much current.




50amps per side instead of 70 is alright I think. If you know otherwise please share it with me.
I also have a flipsky 6.6 dual mini (it’s about the same - 70A/side)
But that’s probably a bigger fire hazard
Anyway I plan on running both controllers off 12s8p batteries

According to datasheet, rated current is 40A. But I wouldn’t worry about pulling higher current.

datasheet is for liability issue, its a reference, not a restriction.