Are these wheels any good?

wondered if these were any good dont really know much about wheels, im on a budget my first build

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These are just gonna be generic Chinese clone wheels, perfectly fine to start out, albeit a little bit harder than the super expensive ones that we like to ride on

I had cheap Chinese 83mm wheels for my first two years and they served me fine, for 25 bucks. My ABEC11 90mm ones run way better but also cost me 89 bucks so you get the idea.

You will be fine with those, especially at that diameter, it will naturally absorb more bumps, they will just be harder than something like ABEC.


thank you they are only 52mm wide im looking for nice wide tyres could you suggest a tyre

Good wheels make such a big difference, I wouldn’t bother with chinese urethane. Original ABEC is worth every penny they charge.


lower tier
middle tier
best of the best


I would consider the wheels he has selected in this tier as well

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ya his would be below lower tier tb 83 mm are great wheels if you got the money

I mean ultimately it is still Chinese urethane isn’t it?

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yes thats true but country of orgin isnt the only factor for example tb 110 mm are the best because they offer high speed rebound and soft durable thane there not better than abec wheels simpliy because their made in california


Good point - I just figured they probably used the same formula. Obv ABEC and the TB 110s are different formula


52mm wide? that’s 8mm wider than classic flywheels, must help a bit with road vibration, never seen clones wider than that.

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nope, the urethane is okay…a albiet cracks a bit, main issue is that the clones are hard as rocks.

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Must depend on the company, I had the TB clear blue ones and they didn’t so much as crack after 300 miles, maybe yours have more?

I brought some 83mm cal 7 wheels from Amazon and they were better then some other China wheels I’ve tried but not as good as real abec11.

I ride the cal 7 90mm currently, it was my first build, and the only other wheels I had to compare it too are the ones that came in the longboard from amazon, if you don’t know any better they will be ok for a while, but you will soon be wondering what your missing out on, this is the position I am in now.

If you absolutely must go with cheap clone wheels, I would go with Skate Shred or Build Kit Boards, although BKB doesn’t seem to hand any in stock right now. The skate shred wheels are probably the best bang for your buck though. I’ve got the 90s and even though they say they are 80a, they are by far some of the softest clone wheels I’ve come across, and much softer than some of the “78a” clones I’ve tried.

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Anyone ride the Eboard stuff Hyperdrive wheels yet?

Wheel specs-

90mm diameter

52mm width

77a durometer

Center set core

Choose Between Black or White

Didn’t know about them. I also want to know about it. If he could make them 97-100mm works be awesome.

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He did make a post of 2 stencils in preproduction hinting at the possibility of 2 sizes. Might get your wish.

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