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Archived: the OG noob question thread! 😀

hmmm what pivot cups did you order? Are those TB218 cups? My TB218 cups are that color

Yes ! Are they so loose they fall out by wiggling the base plate 15697003052134917017111475554311|690x388

To small

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Yes that’s right.

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stock vs riptides

ask @RipTideSports on this thread for help:

oh ok my bad lol, so i was putting in a randal baseplate. I just got off the phone amazing lady! So the Randles internal hole is same as TB218’s but the outer wall is thicker.
So i need to order randal pivot cups DOH!

Speaking of that are you guys running Magnums front and back for bushings? Im 225lbs

Do people prefer red, blue, yellow?
image image image

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

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Yes it very much matters. You also need a fuse in that connection

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oohh can you tell me more about that?? how do I do that/what is the purpose & what happens if I don’t use a fuse?

Yes it does

Put one of these on the negative wire

So the charge port jack negative goes to the fuse, then the black JST wire goes to the other side of the fuse

The fuse’s job is to destroy itself if there is a problem – before your battery or anything else destroy themselves


There’s your problem.

JK :grinning:


Hey, I started on an Evolve and until it broke recently, still took it out occasionally. If I did it all over I’d start with Metroboard then do DIY while riding that


Does anyone know where to get 80mm motor mounts?

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If you go hydro dip, wear gloves. It took me 20 minutes with mechanics soap to wash it off


How are you going to get it off your ring? You better let a jeweler do that

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@b264 Its just a poor man’s wedding ring :crazy_face:

I only remove it to weld things

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I know right…

Sure. but i paid my evolve for 1200 euros and it was quasi new so that is how it got me into diy so i am happy to that i bought it. But very pissed off that i am spending hours to try and fix it.

That may have been the best tip i have ever heard.


You want a fuse rated a little higher than the current output of your charger, and a higher voltage than the battery at full charge - if you have a 4A charger, 5-6A fuse. 10A charger, 12-15A fuse, etc.

The one Brian posted is perfect.

If you don’t have a fuse, then if you or someone/something else causes a short between the pin and ring of the charge socket on your board, the full battery current will flow through that short, causing smoke, fire, sparks and mayhem.

With a fuse, there will be a little spark, maybe a small pop and your charger won’t charge the board until you replace the blown fuse. No drama, no fire.

Use a fuse.