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Archived: the OG noob question thread! 😀

What is the hobby king ‘‘boom stopper’’ used for in eskate?

@PixelatedPolyeurthan It’s a tester for short circuits. Just to make sure you weren’t too drunk when you soldered your connectors

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I want to build my own battery, can someone please write me the best option to do so?


Thanks :wink:

Best option for what? Tape? Solder? Batteries? Need to be a bit more specific there friend

Sorry your right.

Spot welding + soldering here and there I guess.

I’d suggest reading some or all of this thread.

And they are all ready to help on those dying questions you’ll have.


Thanks flasher, I already did some hours of reading there but I got lost by all the different ways to do it and techniques etc etc :slight_smile: I will try asking there, thanks

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i’ve ridden hummie hubs unsensored in the 75kv range… i think if you rewound the same motor to 190kv it would be harder to start since it would put out much less torque for the same motor current.

i think the ideal setup for me would be 4 hubs at 91kv with 120mm tires, 12S and 60a battery limit per motor. in theory this can sustain +50mph on a 35% grade. 14mm steel through axle.

It wont be easy but you can learn lots from them

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“Boom Stopper” sounds like Chinglish for “Anti-Spark”

edit: upon further reading, it’s just a fuse holder

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@b264 Taking things a step further, no matter what kv you choose to wind a motor with a given copper volume and winding style, it puts out the same torque for the same copper losses.


@Flasher so it is only to test? just plug the esc and battery to it and test? Why not leave it on?

@PixelatedPolyeurthan Cus it can’t handle more than 2amps

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Ah so you don’t ride with it, you just bench test or just simply turn your board on and see if it blows up?

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I just dont have the time to build one 100% from scratch yet. I am sure in the future I will start doing modifications and end up building from scratch eventually but I want on a board ASAP as my electric fat bike just died and I decided to go the skate route for my next escape. I used to longboard and miss it.
I almost bought this:

But then started reading about rims and trucks breaking and though forget that. So then I started looking at making from scratch and now I am completely over whelmed lol.

Is there a small wheeled AT board thats fully built I could take all components and slap on the deck I want, which is :

I also want something I can use different trucks on thats does not have a proprietary size, at least slightly common size. Scared whatever trucks come with it will be crap.

I just wanna have fun and not die lol and have decent performance nothing crazy.

I’ve experienced the same thing for climbing hills. Higher kv is typically better (to a certain point) as you can easily get momentum when you’re in the middle of an uphill climb.

With low kv, you get low rpm which makes it harder for the wheel to spin going uphill and you can easily burn out a motor.

So all torque setup is usually pretty bad. Somewhere in the middle is best. Vedder’s original post is a good middle ground.

Your comparing a geared drive to a 1:1 gearing ratio again?


@b264 what’s your working theory for why it’s the case? the high kv motor with gear reduction will have a higher angular speed (be turning faster) than a low kv motor optimized for 1:1 at the same low ground speed… resulting in more commutations per second… so does the high kv motor end up with a more usable BEMF signal for commutation at a lower ground speed as a result (assuming proper gearing)? (resulting in smoother acceleration from closer to standstill?)

i think with sensors both high or low kv should be equivalent when starting from a dead stop assuming proper gearing. my sensored boosted board does forward or reverse with ease from a dead stop but its beside the point. i think this start/reverse from dead stop capability will come in handy once I hybridize it with my hummie hubs… the hubs should give me plenty of torque and thrust up to 30-32mph and the loss of thrust resulting from changing from 80mm to 120mm tires on the boosted motors to get them up to 30mph will be supplemented by the added thrust from the hubs, and I should end up with quite a bit more thrust than just a set of hummie hubs alone and almost certainly more efficiency for the same acceleration as well.

Does anyone have both trampa spring trucks AND mbs with shockblocks?
I want to know if matrix2 hangar fits trampa baseplate

@Andy87 could help. If I know it right, it has the same bolt pattern.