Archived: the OG noob question thread! 😀

Feel you :slight_smile:
I’ll 1. Make it work 2. Make it better


I have to advise against this…
Velcro =/= structural. Your enclosure will fall off if you mount it that way.


My enclosure + electronics will be under 2kg… I’ll test if it will hold to the board :slight_smile:
The Stripes are advertised as 3,3kg each

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@b264 what is your VESC settings for Battery Voltage Cutoff Start and Battery Voltage Cutoff End on LiFePO4 cells?

I admire your bravery…
I’ve seen “4kg” industrial velcro fail to hold up a weight of maybe 100g because of vibrations.
Don’t underestimate the impact of vibration. Would you rather spend a few hours now securing the enclosure with proper fasteners, or way longer fixing everything when your enclosure gets dumped on the road at speed?


For 12S LiFePO4 I’ve settled on

voltage cutoff
start 34.8V
end 33V

There is a thread though for that


Which alternative to screws is there? :slight_smile:
I might add: its not velcro like on shoes. It’s some kind of plastic nipples but works the same way. They hook into each other. I can’t imagine vibrations breaking that hook connection up. My abs box will arrive soon. I’ll put something that’s heavy inside it and ride my unmotorized longboard for a long period of time :slight_smile:
I’ll see how it will work out!

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One question that always bothered me… could soft (or hard) voltage cut off on vesc be triggered during hard acceleration on low-ish battery due to voltage sag?
@b264 @BluPenguin

Please can someone assist, I have had a Flipsky 6.6 dual for a while and utilized a PPM signal for my remotes, but I have recently bought a VX2 Pro. When I connected it over Uart and configured everything it was only working with one motor and not the other, but swapping uarts it would start working with the other motor instead. I realised that it may need to connect to both uarts so i added another Uart connector to it and it powers both motors, but the telemetry is no longer working correctly, so I just utilized the TX to power the motor without receiving telemetry, but now my speed is showing as incorrect, (Expected but the Amps being used is also half), could anyone let me know how i could change the gear settings on the remote to reflect the correct speed?

Apologies if the above is a mess.

Ok, mushroom tape I can have a little bit more confidence in…
As long as you’re doing your due diligence making sure it’ll work :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is what I got at home for now. But I’ll search for a stronger one maybe :slight_smile:
I guess that’s not what you meant with mushroom tape:
51 u4yK-2mL.AC

Which of the two would you recommend?

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Ya, this is called mushroom tape… The little nub things look like mushrooms which is where it gets the name.

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Oh, haha.
So that’s stronger than velcro, right?
I tested with a small strip - holds to the board extremely well. With even pressure there’s no way to get it off. Only peeling with a knife but I guess my battery enclosure won’t do that :).
My only concern is how well the adhesive side of it sticks to the ABS of the enclosure… I will see!

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Yup… If you get to a point where voltage sag will put you in that voltage range the answer is…



Absolutely it can. Even undersize wiring could. It is what voltage your ESC reads, so drawing too many amps for the cells, low voltage to start with, long wires/skinny wires with too much resistance dragging the voltage down, etc etc…

Ideally the best method would to be to input the capacity of the battery and have vesc reference total power used via a coulomb counter to prevent cutout with power remaining in cells…

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That’s pretty slick. Nascar air scoop.

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Now i just need some sponsor stickers.

Yes, it is much better than velcro. If the adhesive is an issue you could try something like CA or epoxy or something…

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Hi guys.

Just a question about my board and hadn’t considered this before.

That’s the thoughts on putting my ESCs in with my battery pack in the middle of my deck on my offroad board?
Obviously I’d extend the phase wires with 8 gauge, making the total distance about 20 cm longer.
The reason behind is trying to keep everything waterproof.

Help would be welcome.


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Should be fine, longer has been done.

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