Apparently, my e-board is a fire hazard

I live on campus in my university, and my residence director just told me, that I won’t be allowed to ride my board on campus anymore, or keep it in my dorm, because it’s now considered a fire hazard, and the University (apparently) just banned them for that reason.
I have a Kaly 1.0 XL at the moment, which wasn’t tested against catching fire from charging, etc by Ernesto as far as I know. So that could be a fire hazard, realiastically.
My question to you guys is: Do you think that I could keep something like a boosted board here, since it complies with a bunch of norms, and would that be enough to convince my University, that it’s not a fire hazard? What could I tell them to convince them, so that I don’t have to get rid of my board?
I’m at a loss right now, which is why I’m asking here. Thanks in advance.

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That’s a pretty shit situation. I think you’d take upwards of 2 years to convince your uni that it’s not a hazard. By that time you’ll probably be moving on.

Are there escooters and other PEV’s on campus? Perhaps it could be argued that your board is no different and that Ernesto is a vendor and not technically DIY?


it’s likely buying a boosted board won’t help you. sucks that you can’t use your board on campus. due to electric skateboards using lithium-ion or even lipo batteries they are viewed as dangerous no matter how many times you explain how your vesc and BMS help to keep the board in balance it will still be viewed as a fire hazard

You may be able to prove fire safety through presentation of the steps taken by vendor or yourself to failsafe the board such as fused charging and cell level fusing. Doesn’t Ernesto use thin nickel to act as cell fusing? Whether or not it is effective fusing you can probably work around that


Ask them what makes it a fire hazard in a non argumentative way that thay think you trying to comply with there rules in the future. if thay say the battery then you have grounds to argue that that need to ban all laptops with the same battery chemistry


Yeah he does use fuses on every single pack. I don’t think I can get him to come all the way out to LI though… I can open the board and explain to them how everything is rated for much higher current, etc, but I doubt that will convince ppl who have never ridden one, or know anything about electrical engineering… (I mean I don’t know much about it wither, but enough to know that it won’t blow up…)

Agreed. But the batteries in laptops have a CE rating of some sort most of the time, and are much harder to not allow. At the moment, there’s jsut two ppl in my UNi that own a board, me and another guy, and it’ll be much harder to convice them that it’s safe, when there are no certificates, norms or anything that the batteries in my board have unfortunately.

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You could always

Build stealth board.

Or start analog riding

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Unfortunately not in my area. Renting a room in someone else’s house yes. But all the apartments around my university are more expensive than living on cmapus. I already looked into that before this semester started… I absolutely wish it was cheaper…

Yeah, seems liek I have to go back to an acoustic board :sob::sob:
Wouldn’t be a problem, but I love the fact that my board’s electric.


Nah, I think they’ll ban all of those too. Just PEV’s in general.

I’m a junior now (third year out of 4), so yeah, I’ll be done by that time…

A standard boosted board battery is considered flight safe, they could hardly argue that one of these is a fire hazard.


Yeah, maybe… I mean he literally built undreds of boards, and one of them has to catch on fire yet. He builds everything so it’s overspec’d anyways.

Agreed, it would be enough for me to get around on a day-to-day basis. That’s why I was asking if a bosted would be a better idea. Both the SRs and XRs have that ECE rating, and that it’s flight safe is a good point. Thanks for brining it up!
How about one of these?

You used 30Qcells I presume

Takes 10 seconds to google

This right here… Find out what their defined terms are for a fire hazard… On paper… Not administrative opinion which can vary person to person… Once fire hazard is defined then you know if you’re board is in compliance or if you can battle. If its vague then you also have options… Dont buckle if you might have to battle


Agree with what you said but Dell has had recalls for “exploding laptops” as well as the Samsung phone I’m sure everyone heard about. Not to say the certification doesn’t help with safety on average but things still slip through the cracks.

Heard a case recently of a boat catching on fire and killing basically everyone on board from what they think may have been sparked by a cell phone fire (lots of other bad circumstances and still investigating I believe but pretty tragic)

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I don’t know exactly which cells Ernesto put in there, but I know that they’re 20700’s.

Sanyo 20700B most likely?

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