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You can’t be having exposed gears like that on boards designed for mixed terrain.


Will the new chaindrive system be compadable with other motor mounts or just your own?

Pretty sure I saw them mention other mounts being offered.


We will sell the Apex Chain Drive in two flavours

  • Full kit with mounts

  • Sprocket kit only.

The sprocket kit will work with other mounts but depending on the CtC value of the mount you may need to make up your own chain length, which is easy to do you just need a chain breaker which are around $15 on Amazon and a length of chain which again is easy to find locally.


You guys using 06b chain?

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yes, ISO 06B chains. Theres no point in using smaller chains, even 06B can snap under extreme circumstances (although very rare)

The chain drive is super tough and durable and for riding muddy conditions its a godsend. I have been riding places where you just wouldn’t get through with any other drive system as the sprockets dig into the mud and provide extra traction.

The chains have been developed over an extended period with the mounts redesigned at least 8 times, I made many of them on my home CNC. In fact the first iteration of the chain drives started by me purchasing some sprockets from @okp in March 2021. So I rode them all the way through winter in some horrendous conditions.

This is my chain drive test board


What tires do you guys for these sort of riding conditions?

Cool i hope they will work with my idea motor mounts : p

I don’t know as we haven’t tested them on any specific mounts, but I know they deffo work with ours


If the wheel sprockets are ~40 teeth, you should be good with your idea mounts.

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They’re running the shit slingers, which are awesome :+1: 8 Inch Pneumatic Shit Slinger Tyres - Hard


The one time I proper offroaded with @Creavenger, my eToxx chain drive got clogged with thick mud and jammed to the extent that both 06B chains stretched and one actually snapped. I was lucky it didn’t write-off the motors.

That’s not too say I’m not a fan of chain drives. I really am… to the extent that I’m considering modding the LSSS to chain drive (like @kubbur)… but then that’s for street use.

A 06B drive with a ratio of 1:5 (or more) means your wheel sprocket doesn’t leave you with much ground clearance… certainly not as much as a GD will. It might possibly provide added traction in soft ground but it’ll take a hammering on anything harder and it’ll pick up little stones and twigs in ways that will stop you (me) dead in your (my) tracks.

A well manufactured chain guard that runs under the wheel sprocket would further compromise your ground clearance but it would massively reduce wear and tear on the drive train and would practically eradicate any chance of jamming.

I personally wouldn’t try those sorts of conditions again with anything less than 9" tyres.


1 year of off road riding, no snapped or clogged chains here. :man_shrugging:


I bought a set of those - best purchase of 2021 by far I also rode all winter :joy:

I go places with my dual drive chains and 9" I used only be able to ride my AWD Bajaboard, I enjoyed 8" but I never ride on the road tbh I want to be able to use 10" but couldn’t find any big enough sprockets

no snaps here, I find chains tend to clean themselves if they are not too tight , I had a jam when I had them a little tight when i first started using them when I first hit a deep sand.


For 8” wheels is from my point of view most safety setup 35t on wheel and 9t pinion. That is probably smolest dimension possible to use in case of 06b sprocked. Next point is that You shoul have some safety distance between sprocket. I will choose distace equal to 2chain pcs length or more. To be sere that in case that chain will be destroyed, it will be not blocked between both sprocket.

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@ApexBoards I was looking at your antisink plates, but DHL at $42 is the only option. Is there a cheaper option that is not showing up for shipping to California?


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Just order a set of airs as well to make the shipping worthwhile :ok_hand:


Oof, there will be cheaper shipping for sure. We have been looking into scrapping DHL Express as although its good, its just wayyyyy too expensive now. We need to maintain XX amount of shipments a month with them to get keep our account so its not even like we can offer it as an option. We are looking into alternatives at the moment.

That means slower shipping for everyone, but DHL express has become so expensive, yesterday they wanted to charge me £54 to send a BMS to Sweden!


For something like this is should be able to go in a tracked large letter with Royal Mail for a tenner.