Anybody know how many virgins it’s gonna take and which deity to make the offering to to make a vx2 pro work with focbox unity?

I’ve tried everything. Punching it. Swearing at it. Promising to take it out for ice cream. Even holding it over an alligator infested swamp yelling “ POP QUIZ FOC BOX, YER BEING DANGLED OVER HUNGRY ALLIGATORS GOING 55MPH ! “ and then giving the ultimatum live or die? Followed by squeezing the nose and saying “ HONK”.

Still nothing.

I’ve gone through set up using the vesc tool on windows and everything checks out Aces but after disconnecting, spending 45 min of preparation listening to Survivors “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat and going step by step through the Hanson Brothers ritual of putting on the foils. Then finally entering the Thunderdome for some rubber vs asphalt hand to hand combat the only action I get is hand to gland combat.

Has anybody figured out what style of Kung Fu will turn a large expensive paper weight into a Bitch’n shred sled that’ll finally get girls to notice me,like me and let me touch their boobies?

Help me Obi Wan Kanobi’s


So what’s the problem?


Go through the vesc tool, successful foc. Go to make the remote do the thing it’s supposed to do and nada.

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vx2 is uart, no need to setup in vesc tool

e: but u should calibrate the wheel in the remote, just to be safe


I’m just home on my Unity + VX2 Pro board so it does work but you’re correct that it’s a pain in the ass. The easiest troubleshooting step I remember is in the VX2 settings, alternate between focbox and FSESC mode. If that works you’re golden, though it might not give you speed on the VX2 now?

Failing that, do you definitely have UART enabled? You don’t need to do PPM calibration or anything, and it may interfere.

Finally, are you on Focbox firmware (23.xx) or VESC firmware? I’m on Focbox fwiw

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Remote pairs via bluetooth 2.4Ghz

VESCtool needs to be in UART mode.

My xenith + vx2 works fine, with telemetry (have to toggle fesc-unity mode on remote)


Uart remotes and unity is a big nope in my book. Seen way too many issues.

Is ppm an option?


Does it definitely? Mine is running through the UART receiver but it might also be BT

Yes, plug in bluetooth 2.4Ghz receiver provided w/ vx2 into unity. Run VESCtool using UART mode (skip remote setup in VESCtool). Pair remote via remote on screen settings

Ah yeah my misunderstanding, I thought you meant through the unity’s inbuilt bluetooth connection. Didn’t realise the UART dongle was Bluetooth

Are you sure you have the right cable and wires in order on the vx2 reciever?

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No issue with Unity and VX2 here. Make sure you change it to FSESC if you are using VESC software. Change the input setting to UART and good to go. And double check the wiring order.



Make sure your wiring is correct. You should have it for v4.

But I do agree with most, I’ve had hella issues with vx2 remotes on unities. Try going with a PPM remote in the future.


no, vx2 receiver is 2.4ghz frequency


Ah, my mistake. Thanks

really i was trying to say ‘wireless’ and failed


Virgins are overrated, i’d take a slut over 2 virgins


Had to borrow my bud’s PC because I’ve got a Mac but I think the firmware was 5.2
Not sure though. Looks like I’m gonna need to borrow it again and try some different approaches.


Will check it out. Thanks Bud


:+1: thanks

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Any suggestions? Just wanna ride this SOB.