Anti spark switches

Just a back and forth on any options for a decent antispark switch arrangement. Is there such an animal?
We have probably all discovered by now that most antisparks on the market fail at some point and all I’m trying to ascertain is has anyone found a solution other than a loopkey?
Thoughts guys and gals.

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We had a chat about it at the old forum. I use breakers. Never had an issue over the years.

They are not as pleasant as a blue led antispark button but here’s the catch: they do not have fets…they do not explode and afaik they never fail, or at least they never failed to me. Pull a lever for on and press a button for off is way easier than a xt90 loop.

@mmaner @b264 your opinion is more than welcome at this.


I’ve seen breakers used but its not so easy to utilise on a standard build with an enclosure. Emtb with top mount I can see the benefits. One of my electrician friends has a switchboard breaker on his with the side coming through the enclosure. Its ugly but does not fail.

Do you have a link for that breaker?

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Think its this fella.

edit thats 24v. Look up a higher voltage

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You’re too kind!

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I recently bought the 200a version, have you ever heard of one failing? I’m still using a loopkey for backup.

never heard of one failing before.


I’m working on and off on something that uses xt90s but is more pleasant to the eye.
The idea is to have the mechanics inside the enclosure with 3 bolt heads sticking out (made super neat of course) to slide it in and out.


Looks good that. I’m sure @deckoz has done a similar thing.

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So we’ve got loopkey derivatives, circuit breakers and 3d servisas. Good info coming through.

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I remember one was in development according to the ideas @b264 gave for development as well as antispark heavens last version was one with precharge circuit as well as min according to there words. Unfortunately there website is down for now.

What about the 3dservisas? Good bad or ugly?

It will drain your battery in a few weeks. Too high current consumption.
What is the purpose of putting in an anti spark if I also have to put a loop key to prevent it from draining my battery ?

Don’t say open the enclosure in such cases because I might as well keep the board on.


I have one of those from @goldenhusky, sadly still don´t found the time to solder and install it. My previous Antisparkheaven switch lasted me for one year and only broke because I tried to peel off some Kapton tape, installed by me, and destroyed the circuitry. That was on a 10S setup though.
That’s his current switch.

As far as I know, you can reach him through PM.

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So the 3d one drains the battery even if its off? @Kug3lis want to chime in here mate?

There is no need to kick this up again it’s on the old thread and on the product page

Yes there is a 0.5w continuous current use when the board is switched off but of course on standby, meaning you could choose to either.

Not leave the board unused/uncharged for 2/3wks at a time

or disconnect the battery

or if you like have a loopkey in addition for storage remove the loopkey


No need for us to kick it up again but what about all the new members that are joining up? They don’t know and theres no reason for it to turn into a shitshow because we learn. We do it better.


Alrighty it’s on the product page as well