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Another Hummie deck build - Greenerico

Hi let mee introduce u to my to be daily rider the Greenerico (Green+generic) super cheesy i know but heeeh.
This is my first real build. My previous esk8 knowlage is all from a cheepo board June 2018.
First “DIY” was a deckswap. yeah i broke mine but it was a comfy deck the W concave was nice so no hate on the deck. Then i saw someting that would be perfect for mee a small wide deck with intregated enclousure so i sign upp to the GB and started planing my build to fitt all in that limited space. The GB got dealyed time after time (got it 7-8 mounts after i joined) anyway so i looked at diffrent setup to ride with the component i alredy orderd and i got the chance to buy a hummie + BB enclousure in EU and i was in love with this package fellt great and cleen and the stance was perfect for mee personly. I did not think this trough the rkp trucks and short motormount got my motors very close to the ground when riding on 85mm Caguamas. So one motor got fucked so i needed to upgrade. first i got a Unity and i was one of the suckers that waited ages to recive mine.
Then i saw the 6880 motors on sale and i know i would outgrow 6374s i like tourqe more then topspeed. I have good roads here and new roads are build everywere in my town bike/walk roads now gows everywere so i really like the blue caguamas i dare to say its the best wheel for esk8 if u have good roads. i wanted a board thats slim looks good and not a pain to carry yeah its hevy but the flat profile makes it easy to carry just like a normal longboard but hevy.

This is a build in progress it got serious first i in April/May. but yeah delays and stuff and $$$ takes time. most of the parts are from users/vendors of the forum so this is a Community parts build.

Parts i allredy have:
Motors 6880 - the vendor website says 180KV but i have personaly never seen 180KV on this motors but hay 170-190 KV is a good KV for 12S.
Blue 85mm Caguamas - that turnd to a piss green color witch i dont mind it matches the Green in Greenerico.
BN 220mm hangers and baseplate that adjust and mounts.
Haggy wheels green with 55T POM from TIMO.
remote VX1 - love this little thing.
all the millions of small parts. pulleys, connectors, gaskets, hardwere, voltmeter,wires etc…

Part to come:
Got some ~ 140mm center to center. long mounts made that will hook up nice with the BN 220 clamps.
Want them long for my riding priority is 85mm wheels.

Long motor mounts i making my own long with 6082 alu. becuse i couldent find what i needed. I have backups just in case it turns bad.

still a work in progress. It’s 60x8mm

Battery this one is hard for mee. Most likely 12s4p samsung 30T becuse all who use them says its a good “Fucking” cell but a 3000mha capacity its a bit a turn off. the 40T is 4ah but its a split regarding the 30A discharge many says its a 20-25A cell at 4ah. Anyone have some more solid info regarding 40T?
I have a homemade bomb 30q 10s3p that give Mee good range on Caguamas but on 6355 motors and 30a/motor. The Bergmister will draw more juice.

Like u can see this hole English is hard for Mee not a native speaker. And iam new to forums anyway this hole tread is a mess just like my board it’s all a work in progress.

It it something i am missing that I should do?
What do u think regarding the battery?

i am ~90KG loaded.


Good luck on the 1st DIY build, already off a good start.
That’s some thick aluminium plate thre is it 8mm?

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My first build was
Hummie deck, 12s4p, focboxs, surfrodz with adjustable baseplate, 6374, haggys.

You only really need the adjustable baseplate on the rear.
Since it’s taller than the standard fixed baseplate it gives you a bit more clearance in the rear. Additionally it makes the rear end slightly higher than the front. Witch I’ve always found helps with stability.


Yeah it is 8mm. Found a scrap piece on a local store.
So it was that or nothing.

Still a work in progress. All hand tools + a electric screw driver. It not gonna be easy to cut some slits so I think I’ll go with a bearing for tensioning the belt.

Like a Dragster? Yeah I will experiment with the different angles. I gonna need some new busshings I contact the Riptide guru and see what hee thinks.


Its only a slight difference in height.
Not quite dragster aggressive lol.


at least it will sturdy. what is that clamp you are using there?

For some reason i am thinking it will help with the heat from the motor but i really have no idea about that. Its from Electric board soulotion. It was my first motor mount. I i will remake the hole pattern to fit the pressicion BN clamp thats on its way. its a big one with a sinle set screw not the best but it works.

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Will the Unity get hot pushing 120A-140A? is it nessesary to get a heatsink if i want to push it that mutch?

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I have no idea but I always put heat sinks on my esc/vesc regardless of specs :man_shrugging:


Yep, don’t know either but I guess it wouldn’t hurt. For some reason I thought that the unity’s case was already some sort of heatsink tho.

1 thing i know is that electronic hate heat. i cant imagine that a unity can push 160A contunious in a enclosed space. I was tinking a external soloution like a heatsink with finns more surface area and when riding the air cools it down. am i on to something here or does it make no sense?

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Unity heatsink if you havent seen it

Nice build btw, I love my hummies :slight_smile:

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If you are looking to diy that part too, I once found a big aluminium heatsink inside a threadmill. You may need to shorten the fins but the thing is thick and really big.

It looks like I am trying to sell you something lol. I meant that there probably are lots of those treadmills in junkyard everywhere so easy to find.

Hummies? how many u got?

@Tamatoa i was thinking something like this

But the I don’t think I can make it pretty. Looks are a important factor on this build. The mounts will look better.

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Yep that’s basically what I found maybe a little thicker tho.

How are you gonna fit 21700s into a Hummie deck? That’s the reason I sold it to you and switched to a Switchblade :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I guess you could route it like @Komamtb did.

This will be a terrible build I’m sure.


Yes I have checked with people that already did use 21700 is a hummie decks so long so good.

Yes it will! U wouldn’t expect any less. Still love ur Esk8 brain

I put my unity sliders to Max and I’ve never used a heatsink

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That’s good to hear😊. Not trying to Prof u wrong or anything but are u Shure that u push 160A when going Max? And not like 100A?

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