AnkerMake M5 Info & Discussion (SRO)

Alright folks

Here we have a brand new printer on Kickstarter from one of the best powerbank manufacturers, who also makes great portable speakers. Anker.

It has a good bit of cool features but allegedly boasts a very high print speed & acceleration.

Dual belt bed axis:

Auto Leveling:

Integrated camera:

Double gear down extruder:

What do we think, is anyone going to back? The deliveries are supposed to be November but we all know how these things typically go. Worth it? Crazy?

The specs page FYI:



This sounds like it has a lot of features most don’t need.

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It has a lot of buzzword features for sure, but at the baseline seems pretty solid (obviously no real reviews yet)

I wish the nozzle and bed could go higher though

Y’all hear Amazon maybe releasing a 3d printer. And they’ll remove all other printers off their website?

Maybe I was getting April foolsd. Lol

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I heard it but I don’t recall the timing. That would be pretty lame though, make you order straight from manufacturer

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So for $600 hacker price, $750 MSRP…

250mm/s pring speed with 2500mm/s^2 acceleration

  • High print speed wouldn’t matter much without decent acceleration

PEI springsteel build plate
Direct drive
Integrated camera (this one I think is only good for monitoring/timelapses, the AI stuff is dumb)

$600, $750 MSRP
AI marketing stuff
We don’t actually know how well it prints, could have atrocious ringing. Being a bedslinger + not using something like klipper’s input shaper + printing that fast is a recipe for ringing/ghosting.
An established company using Kickstarter to find their product
Proprietary app for monitoring prints

I think it looks interesting but probably overpriced. On paper it seems decent but I think there is a lot of unnecessary marketing frills that could’ve been cut to make it more like $400-500 and a better value. I personally added ABL, PEI Springsteel, wifi monitoring (rpi), and a camera to my ender, so I think they are worthwhile upgrades. I just think they are maybe charging too much for the features.

I also just hate when companies that almost surely have the capital to make the product use Kickstarter, just rubs me the wrong way.


Wouldn’t be the first time.

Vendor A sells something - bestseller

Amazon jealous, produces basically same product as their own - bans original vendor. Now amazon is bestseller


Good summary. Yah I was feeling a little bit over priced too. The $430 kickstarter price was nice when it was available.

I think there will be proprietary motion smoothing and stuff on this printer in order to achieve good enough results. Would be more encouraging to see after some more reviewers (Joel, Thomas, etc) get their hands on it


ftfy :rofl:


For $430 I would say that’s a pretty good deal, but this printer is def one I would wait for reviews on (being their first printer and all) and by that time it’s $750 lol.


Yeah unfortunate. I at least believe it will deliver, I highly doubt such a massive company would risk their reputation on it

The question really is just how close will it get to manufacturing specs

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since its from Anker, i was kinda expecting it to be attached to a huuuuuge powerbank, so it can print without worrying about power


Are you shilling this or is this an actual question? :smiley: Because this seems more like an average printer.

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What are you talking about? I made this thread to talk about it, that’s all

The specs are a bit above average if it can deliver on the printing speed. I do not shill anything except boardnamics.

Besides the speed it isn’t that special, bed leveling, blah blah is all normal stuff or easily moddable.
And before you say voron, that’s pricier lol

I want a voron lowkey

okay okay :smiley: I ment no offence, you just came about a bit weird.

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Why? I like anker, their powerbanks are the best lol

No idea how that translates into 3d printers but guess we’ll see

It is weird that they did kickstarter for it though idk why they needed to, free capital I guess

free money to boost their r&d, also testing to see how people would react to their company branching out to other products

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I have an Anker Nano II 65W USB-C charger, its pretty nice. :smiley:

yep thats how companies offload developement cost nowadays, and customer interest can be measured better I think.

lol :rofl: yeah what he said!

I want a Voron high-key lol. Although the prusa XL is honestly tempting at this point. For that much money I’m getting one or the other.