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Angled risers (any engineers here?)

Due to the lack of affordable angled risers and popularity of mountainboard trucks, i came up with this idea. Basically instead of cncing, use a single piece and bend it. It gives the deck some added drop to counter the large wheels with the option of mounting above/below. It could possibly add a little bit of suspension too.

However the max thickness that the metal shop will bend is 1/8inch. Anyone here have an idea if that thickness of AL6061 would support the weight without permanently deforming? I’m guessing 1/8 is too thin but maybe using steel instead or glueing two pieces together would work. Thoughts?


My first questionable issue is that bend taking majority of the force while riding. Once you bend metal, it’s more succept to being bent again, pending expensive treatments.

Deck materials are much better at absorbing forces and retaining their shape. Metal will slowly deform over time unless it’s something hecka thick and strong.

There are a few guys here who do FEA work. They’ll have more knowledge but I’d be looking into higher grade aluminum (70XX of greater), steel, or go hard with titanium and make the first g-bomb style mtb trucks.

Please pick the last one.


Actually this gbomb one is similar just less steep.

Anyone know what material it uses and the thickness?

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Mountainboard trucks are really meant to be angled at 30-35 degrees (comes from the deck).

Also that’s meant for riding on the road and not off. There’s gonna be a lot more force on a big heavy board slamming through the woods.

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Could get a couple of the highest strength metals you can and bend them then bolt toghether?

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Yea im saying like those but more angled. A lot of suspension components are made from metal so I dont see why it shouldnt be able to handle abuse. See the avenue trucks for example.

multiple sheets is an idea, as long as you bolt through them it would be ok. the bolts should be a high grade as they will experience sheer stress from the two halves.
Im actually thinking of doing this very thins
@257 has experience building straight ones.
I was thinking of building something to his spec and bending it
You could also theoretically use heat to make the bending easier, then anneal to get back the rigidity.

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6061 T6 aluminum should do the trick

You think running the standard truck mounting bolts through both sheets wont be enough?

depends on what youthink is standard bolts.
I would go get some Grade 8 bolts just in case, minor cost for peace of mind

Im going to stop by the machine shop on campus today and see if theres someone to help me. Also see if they have some spare aluminum stock


You could easily do it with steel, heavier, but even the low grade one would hold, it would be dirt cheap to make


Alright, lmk how it turns out! I wish i had easy access to a machine shop :dizzy_face:

Any idea on the thickness required if i use steel? Would 1/8 be enough or would i still need to stack it?

why not just stack 2 of them just to make sure ?

From the top of my head 1/8 would be too thin, but I think for better results I would test, you could make several thickness and see what holds on the real world, laser cut and bend them, most places I know do both these services, and would certainly be under 10$ each, maybe even half of that


Such as?

Somo local companies around me, wouldn’t really be relevant since I’m far away from everybody, but any medium city should have some machine shop that does it

@dani may help you on that :+1:

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So looks like the machine shop at school needs a professors permission. I’ve got an old professor in mind that I can butter up with some cittrus from the garden
The shop does 1/8th inch aluminum, but I may then change it to steel. thats up in the air.
they can roll the bend that the Gbombs have in theory, but at that point i think the designs @257 made wont work. probably just going to wedge and 15 degrees on both sides for my purposes.
My goal is to extend the wheelbase of the spud 29 I have going on but also ad some manuverability.


1/8 should be ok, if you get 6061 properties

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