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Aluminium Brackets

Hello everyone

I offer brackets made of aluminum 7075.

I designed brackets 2 years ago, testing them myself and a dozen of guys from Europe, Australia and USA, nobody reported any problems :grin:

It’s not my tests just a guy from France, but the brackets passed the exam :slight_smile:

I have mounted 9 different trucks such as:
TB220 CNC, TB218, Evolve, Flipsky 12" DKP, Flipsky 15.2" DKP, Caliber 2, Paris, Surfrodz TKP, SurfRodz RKP, all fit

3-link trucks do not fit my brackets, but if someone can dimension the baseplates, I can adapt the brackets to those trucks.

The depth of the bracket is 20mm

Prices for a set (2 pieces) are $180

A few photos of the brackets installed on the boards


@IDEA these look excellent, great work!


Thanks :blush:


Can confirm, these brackets are strong :muscle::muscle::muscle:

The deck snapped, the brackets didn’t :sweat_smile: so just be mindful of the type of deck you attach them to.

Apart from my misfortune, these brackets served me very well :ok_hand:


extra info:


Have them too
IDEA’s stuff rocks


@ me hoe :joy:


Beautiful work as always @IDEA !

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I have updated dimensions of the mounting holes.
Other dimensions remain unchanged.

I can offer a deck that does not break, is wide, long and is BEAUTIFUL :smiley:

I designed it for my brackets, unfortunately I have no enclosure for it and it is not cheap :confused:

I will write more about it tomorrow, I need to take pictures because I already have the 3rd final version,

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


@IDEA these look phenomenal. Simple and clean. Love it.

If only I could bring myself to ride a street board I’d be all over this :sweat_smile:


Does the bracket still extend the truck back same distance?

Have u tried any forward motor mount?

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i think i know a guy

The front and rear brackets are the same

I don’t know what you mean.

Cool, I’m interested in dimensioning underneath,

I know that the 3-link has the mounting holes in the old standard, but it also needs other dimensions.


i mean the oppsite direction of how u mount the motors, some call it inward mount, or forward mount, but basically the motor mount is pointing towards the centre of the board instead of outwards, like this:


Now it’s all clear :slight_smile:
No you can’t mount motors forward.
With brackets the motors always have to be at the back

Maybe with a very wide truck and a gear drive you could mount the motors in front, but I don’t know if that makes sense

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got it :ok_hand:t2:

I’ve been chewing on getting a set of these for a while. I was planning on sticking them on the Haya but after seeing what happened to the Nimblestiff, I’m not so sure :confused:

They’re classy, classy bits of kit though.

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I have to start a new topic about the deck, today just a few photos

The deck is not small, I like long and wide decks (I have big feet) :wink:

Here is a comparison with Hearo deck


That is one pretty deck sir!

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Would love to see another thread for the deck! Are there plans to make an enclosure to fit on the deck/brackets?

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