AL's "Totally Not DIY" Mach 1 Mods

I thought so, thanks for the head check. Will get that done before next ride

My top box is better. 12S40P…


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Golden information for me.
Thank you!

Also good to know…

We brought it back…
Might have set some jeans on fire in it by accident tho but… don’t ask🙈

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What, one of these old things?

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So when are the “hot rod” radium branded jeans coming out?

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You should rescue the one Brent never used. :rofl:

EXACTLY like one of those old things. It doesnt happen to be for sale does it?

So it’s not strictly a Mach 1 mod, but it’s a mod I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

When @DerelictRobot ran his puck case design competition i was just a wee tinkerdicker finding my way in the world of CAD, and the project was well beyond my skill set.

But fast forward a couple of years and I feel well able to accomplish this now! To start with I’m going to get this design fully functional in the form factor shown, and see if it needs any tweaks to the shape/angle.

My intent is to just parallel a 21700 to the lipo in the puck, for max power. But it has been brought to my attention that a quick swap battery would be a cool idea. I agree that it would be a cool idea, but it would have to work slightly differently in that the lipo would basically become defunct cos it can’t be quick swapped.

In any case, i know I promised I was moving on to bull bars and handle, but this mod has called shotgun :sweat_smile:


I’m thinking you may want to rotate the thumb wheel to 30-45° back to get your thumb to line up better but I’m loving the idea so far. Chuck a flashlight on it to make me proud!

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The battery/handle comes off at 30 degrees already, 45 seemed like too much. I think that angle will definitely be quite important so i specifically made it very easy to change in the design…

I say that, but i’m sure it will cause a bunch of headaches on the timeline :sweat_smile: still not good enough with fusion to have a solid/fully planmed workflow or proper parametric modelling

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I wouldn’t. The Puck1.0 battery is 1000mAh, and it already lasts quite a long time. Throw a 5000mAh 21700 in there and you’ll have weeks of daily riding. Paralleling the lipo in is just going to be extra work for a needless amount of extra range.


I need to put a jst on the 21700 anyway, all i need to do is split another jst header bit off that harness for the lipo to plug into. Not much more work :man_shrugging:

But lipo delete will def happen with a quick swappable battery if i get around to that design.

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Puck 2.0 confirmed :sunglasses:


We’re already onto the Puck6.9, you’re living in the past old man


Okay but what if you wanted to hot swap while riding?? Bet you didn’t think of that, genius

Soooo this went really well and i’m actually stoked with it for a first pass.

BUT. It’s not at all what I was aiming for :rofl:

It feels great with bare hands, feels shit with gloves on. Its amazing how many changes i’ll need to make to make it feel any good with gloves.

There’s a few tolerance issues i need to fix but nothing drastic, would be cool if some of you wanted to print it and have a feel to get some feedback before i go for v2! I will tidy up and reprint to make sure it all works nicely before releasing tho.

V2 will have

  • slightly narrower handle
  • better screw integration in the handle
  • puck offset forward of the center of handle
  • 15 degree handle rather than 30
  • possibly a slight curve in handle
  • thiccer walls for more strong