Alpine skateboard

I’ve been snowboarding in hard boots for a long time, and ever since I started playing with e-skates last summer, I’ve been wanting to mix the two. This might be the best idea I’ve ever had. (Also, it might be the worst idea I’ve ever had.)

Here’s the “deck.” It’s a 4080 (4cm x 8cm) aluminum extrusion from

To attach the trucks, a couple pieces of alumimum. Drawn in OpenScad on a Saturday, uploaded to on Sunday, and they were in my hands on Wednesday. What a time to be alive.


(They are backward. And inverted. It all cancels out.)

I won’t be using these wheels, but they were handy and not attached to another board, so…

The next iteration of the skateplates will have counter-sunk screws, which will double the ground clearance.*


Last but not least, places for my feets:

The battery (12s7p) will go into a box between the bindings. Stormcore 60 on top of the battery. Cables will run back to the motors in sleeves that attach to the grooves on the sides of the extrusion. And the more I think about this the more I think I should have ordered a second motor mount along with those trucks, because double the motors would be double the fun.

The battery is a few weeks away. Progress will be slow until it gets here.

  • An exaggeration, but not a large one.

Very cool project! Always wanted to try hardbooting.
Pretty interesting way to mount the trucks, should work as long as you have clearance.

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Thanks! I have less clearance than I expected, but I think it’ll work. Countersinking is honestly going to help a bit. :slight_smile: I don’t think it will need a lot, since this won’t get used much outside of parking lots, parking garages, etc.

And part of the idea behind this build is to be able to switch things around. Flip the beam over, flip the trucks around, swap the bindings for aluminum plates with grip tape… Boom, it’s almost a normal board! Maybe. We’ll see.


Is there a way to edit posts? The grammar in the very first sentence is cringeworthy.


(if not electric) What happens when you get to flatland? =P

You’ll be able to edit eventually just need to spend a bit more time on the forum reading stuff and posting.

Very cool idea so, what are you thinking for the wheels?


You can drop the heim joint to get more clearance. Thats part of the beauty of 3links along with being able to adjust the angles. Should really be able to tune in the lean to turn ratio to mimic your snowboards sidecut radius

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What happens when you get to flatland?

Wait for a car or motorcyle to come within an arm’s reach… Grab… Faceplant… Regret.

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So far, Qind 200x75 seems to be the least-bad option. I have a set on Newbee Pentagram wheels on another board, and those will probably get swapped to this board.

But still I’m keeping an eye out for an 8x3 kart tire that has a proper square profile. I’ve tried one set of kart tires so far and they’re shaped like balloons, but I still intend to try some others.

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Thanks for the tip, I really should have thought of that… The next set of plates needs a hole for the heim joint, so I can sink it all the way through. Between that and countersinking, clearance should be no problem at all.

Ah, I see that you are wise in the ways of the snowboard. :slight_smile:


I had to do similar with 3links on extension plates. A stepper bit worked pretty damn well

A lil bit, but in the midwest it’s more Iceboarding

Keen to see how this project turns out :metal:




I see a skateboard made out of a tube, I hit like. This will be awesome to see completed


Big Tüüb vibes

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Yeah, if no bindings then it’s going to look a lot like the Tuub, at least from above.

I really want to do a weight-shift contraption as well, but that’ll be a (very) different build.

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Whiles designing the battery box last weekend I had a flashback to a ‘scorpion’ fall years ago, and started thinking about just how nasty that would be with 50 pounds of skateboard and 10 pounds of boots affixed to my feet.


(that’s not me, but I did that in heavy snow and thought my back was gonna break…)

If I use a lighter center beam (currently it’s got the strongest one I could find) and move the battery into a backpack, and stay with 2WD, the risk might be tolerable, but it might not be. I don’t know.

So I’m going to do this without bindings first.

In other news, the plastic case that I thought was going to be perfect for a 12s7p battery turned out to be just a hair too small, hence me sitting here pondering battery box design with FreeCad.

I still think it’s going to turn out pretty cool, I’m just not sure it’s going to turn out with bindings. Definitely not with the first version, but maybe in a second.